Ron George is accepting public funding for his campaign


In late December, I reported first that Ron George was considering public financing for his campaign. The Washington Post later picked that up and reported it as a possibility for the George campaign. Nothing much was heard on that since then. In early February, Larry Hogan opted to receive public financing. On February 28, it was reported that David Craig is participating in public financing.

I followed up constantly on this issue looking for a response. The deadline to file for public funding was February 25 at 9:00 p.m. (which was also the filing deadline to run.)

The George campaign was saying late in the game that he was still undecided. Both Lollar and George seemed to be having trouble closing the deal with their respective running mates, with neither of them having it sewn up until the weekend before the deadline. Lollar announced Ken Timmerman on February 24 and George announced Shelly Aloi on February 25. Maybe the issue of public funding got lost in the all the running mate selection news for Lollar and George just before the filing deadline.

It appears Lollar did not apply for public funding, which isn’t a surprise. However, I have now confirmed that Ron George did file for public funding before the deadline and apparently managed to keep it out of the media’s eye ever since. (If you have any links to coverage I might have missed on that please let me know in the comments.) I’m not sure whether that says more about the media (including bloggers like me) who missed it or whether it’s a statement of the  media’s perceived relevance of the George campaign.

Heather Mizeur is the only Democrat running for Governor taking public funding while Charles Lollar appears to be the only Republican not taking it.

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Jeff Quinton

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