Charles Lollar and Larry Hogan skip the Maryland March for Life


Monday, I attended the 2014 Maryland March for Life in Annapolis. The Mass and non-denominational service ahead of the march itself started at 5:15. Then the march to the Statehouse and a rally at Lawyers Mall followed. The rally was scheduled to start at 7 p.m. I will have a full report on the event later but I just wanted to highlight some details about who was there and who wasn’t.

Charles Lollar, Larry Hogan, and Brian Vaeth weren’t there.

I wouldn’t have expected Vaeth to be there since he reportedly is liberal on social issues. Hogan missing it really wasn’t a surprise either since he only apparently attends his own events (except when he skipped a Lincoln-Douglass Dinner to go to an event for a local candidate.) Additionally, Larry Hogan’s past comments on abortion (and his avoidance of the issue) made it obvious he wouldn’t be there. A full summary of Hogan’s positions can be found here. Instead of attending the march, Hogan was touring a winery in Mt. Airy this afternoon and at a brewpub in Frederick for a campaign event tonight. I keep hearing Hogan will say privately he’s pro-life if pressed on the issue, but I’ve also heard some other disturbing reactions to questions about that from him that I am working to confirm.

Charles Lollar was the one that puzzled me. Lollar has consistently expressed his pro-life views when running for Congress and at other times. While he originally didn’t have abortion-related issues on his website, he later added them. Instead of being seen by pro-life activists from across the state as he stood in solidarity with them, Lollar and his running mate Ken Timmerman were at the Charles County GOP Central Committee meeting in White Plains. Lollar was at their Lincoln-Douglass Dinner recently. I’m not sure what he gained by skipping the March for Life to go to that meeting tonight. I keep hearing Lollar has a plan that would shake up things radically after he took office related to this issue.

The first elected official I saw in attendance was Congressman Andy Harris who was in the back of St. Mary’s during the Mass (which was standing room only with people 3-4 deep in the back and a line down each side aisle of the church.) Harris also later attended the rally. I presume he marched there, but I didn’t see it for myself so I can’t say that authoritatively.

I also later saw David Craig at the rally, and he said he had been at the Mass as well. I would presume he walked in the march also. You can see a previous report on Craig’s positions and record that I wrote here. Additionally, his pro-life positions are listed on his website.  Ron George was also at the rally. His pro-life history and positions can be bound here. George also has reached out to pro-life activists with a letter.

Several other legislators were there and I will discuss them in my later post on the march itself.

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Jeff Quinton

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