Pat McDonough shills for HB 1513 on the Tom Marr Show

Pat McDonough

Tuesday, I noticed someone post on Facebook that Tom Marr, host on WCBM, was being critical of HB 1513 until Delegate Pat McDonough, who has his own show on the station, called in to “explain” it to him.

I later saw reports of Marr and McDonough trashing people who were calling in and belittling them.  One caller complained later on Facebook that she had been cut off by Marr when he didn’t like what she had to say. This appears to be the one caller Pat McDonough referred to on air by saying “she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about.” At one point, McDonough said the following about Campaign for Liberty supporters, “The biggest enemy of the Republican party and the Tea Party is this group of radicals.”

It was previously reported that HB 5013 is dead in the Rules Committee. However, the Campaign for Liberty supporters are not assuming that to be the case. The state GOP leadership along with county party leadership had been working to get the bill killed. State GOP Chair Diana Waterman reiterated that fact Wednesday evening in the party’s new media conference call.

I received one audio clip from that segment of the show. The quality is bad in places (with silent spots) so please bear with it.

Some of you may remember that Tom Marr used to appear on the Conference Call Show on WFBR. Marr was originally in their newsroom before joining that half-hour political talk show. A long-time Baltimore resident has always told me about that show before. Specifically, my friend recalled that something happened with Corbin that resulted in his sudden death (Baltimore radio old-timers please provide me clarifying details if you have them.) According to my friend’s account, Tom Marr quickly became the conservative on the panel after previously being liberal. Conference Call began airing in 1962 and lasted 26 years.

More recently, I’ve been hearing from candidates for various office that trying to make contact with Marr’s show to get on is extremely difficult and some have even said they get told that Marr doesn’t have candidates on his show generally. This appears to be true, except for the case of one candidate for statewide office who employs a family member of Tom Marr. There have been rumblings by some campaigns and candidates about filing equal time complaints with the FCC, but I’m not sure that would go anywhere.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. HB 1513 has me paying attention to local politics like never before. I was worried it came from high up the GOP chain, and they were going to use Harford County as a test bed for this kind of insane power grab, like when corporate fast food introduces some culinary monstrosity to a few markets to see if they’ll stick. Thanks for doing so much reporting on this. After bouncing around your site, I was overreacting. Looks like the rest of the world knows this bill is garbage, too.

  2. Pat McDonough is an idiot. I don’t know him, but I can tell just by his “speak english,” campaign sign he is what we in the military call a grade “A” asshole. The republican party should purge these idiots and I would consider voting for them. I like the core values of republican beliefs, but the fact that he represents the party is too reprehensible for me to ever want to be associated with. Hopefully, these country club conservatives that whitewash their distaste for anything outside the sphere of “whiteness” will find a new hobby and leave politics behind. Until then enjoy being a non-relevant party in Maryland indefinitely. I saw the same thing in Virginia’s governors race and had the republicans carried a half of what the Libertarian Party candidate got they would have won.

  3. I’ve always found Tom Marr to be too strident. Similar to many Baltimore talk show hosts, their opinion is all that matters. Unlike Chris Plante at WMAL who actually allows callers to voice an opinion even if it takes more than the allotted 15 seconds.

    In regards to Pat McDonough and Rick Impalleria. As a former member of C4L, I have seen first hand how these two unite to cajole, threaten and ultimately mow down anyone and any candidate that does not “tow their line”.

    It was very disappointing as a new “activist” to see all the seedy side of local politics first hand.

    And, if “politics” are this corrupt at the local level, just imagine what’s routinely happening at the federal level. Democrat or Republican.

  4. I heard that show as well…..Couldn’t believe my ears when Tom pulled his ‘about-face’! Its going to be a wild ride in Maryland for the 2014 election cycle because the “Liberty candidates” will be successful in replacing the career feckless politicians regardless of what Tom Marr does or says….he ain’t no ‘King-maker’…..the old RINOs better shape up and stop demeaning real conservative Constitutional centered candidates and constituients or they can kiss their asses goodbye….Maryland, like “America is Rising!” And We the People are fed up with the same ‘ol same ‘ol where both parties cover each other…..