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I previously reported that Mike Hough or other members of a slate that included him, Kathy Afzali, Barrie Ciliberti, and David Vogt might appear at David Vogt’s Spring Fling later this month. Since then, Hough told Joe Steffen that he was not a part of a slate now but wouldn’t be opposed to working with other conservatives in the future. It would appear that Hough was floating a trial balloon or backed off after the negative reaction to some of the others listed on what was supposed to be his slate.

However, there are slates in the race for Frederick County GOP Central Committee.

Hough’s slate for Central Committee includes his wife (who has never been to a CC meeting), Ted Dacey, Mary Rolle, Michael Hill, Jason Miller, John Bates, and Cynthia Houser.Then there is the Republicans for Frederick County slate (which is effectively the Campaign for Liberty slate backed by Collins Bailey.) On this slate are Darren Wigfield, Jason Laird, Jason Vinyard, Ben Reddington,Mike Bowersox, Russ Burdett, Edward Allen Heine, Joel Lea- Wilson, and Matt Salomon. The rest of the candidates not affiliated with either slate are Joe Parsley, Mike Catoe, Cyndi Schaff, Regis Gamble, and Daniel Cowell.

Getting back to the other story involving Vogt’s Spring Fling, I heard from  a Frederick County activist that managers go in alone on Sundays and prepare food for events being held on a day Chick-Fil-A is closed. I have inquired with Chick-Fil-A’s corporate communications office and they are gathering more information so they can answer the question of whether this would be a violation of their corporate policy.

I also have confirmed separately that David Vogt works in management at a Chick-Fil-A in the Frederick area.

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Jeff Quinton

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