The evolution of Steve Hershey’s campaign logo


After what I had previously heard in the fall about permission being granted from the Hershey Company for Steve Hershey’s campaign logo and then the statement from The Hershey Company I received this week that it hadn’t, I decided to make sure I got a more in-depth statement from Senator Steve Hershey.

If you look at the most recent version of the Hershey for Senate logo you will note that it is different from previous versions and has the Maryland flag pattern in the background of the graphic.


Hershey tells me the font on his logo is Impact. Some research online indicates that the type face for the Hershey’s wrapper/logo is Haettenschweiler. Haettenschweiler is noted as similar to Helvetica Inserat and Impact. Haettenschweiler has narrower letters than Impact.

Senator Hershey says that, through the years as his logo evolved (as he ran for different offices), he has had several discussions with Hershey’s about his logo and he has always addressed their concerns and issues and he expects to be having discussions with them now a result of this.

Senator Hershey has the right to use his name. He hasn’t been using the exact colors as the Hershey’s logo at all, he tells me. I would also expect that Senator Hershey has gotten more attention on this than other candidates named Hershey across the country because of Maryland’s proximity to Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. I live in Mr. Hershey’s district, I have met him, I have followed his campaigns since he moved to Queen Anne’s County and I have yet to find any positive quality to associate with him. Dick Sossi whom I have also met on many occasions is a decent human who worked for the community regardless of party affiliation and was a credit to his office and not the opportunist Hershey is. Diane Waterman is also a local resident and I remain neutral in my opinion of her. To Mrs. Waterman’s credit she has generously supported some community causes without seeking recognition but was motivated by a sincere desire to see them succeed.. I await the day that Mr. Hershey’s lack of ethics will be his undoing as is often the case with individuals who are blinded by their egos.