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After what I wrote on Delegate Pat McDonough’s comments on the Tom Marr Show earlier this week, I sent an email to McDonough (to both his campaign and state email addresses) requesting comment and letting him know I was interested in getting his side of things.

Specifically I asked McDonough  if he thought his comments were appropriate for the public airwaves while talking to a voter in the state of Maryland and then asked if he wanted to elaborate on his comments about the “group of radicals” he described as a danger to the GOP and the Tea Party.

This morning I got a response from McDonough. He sent it from his taxpayer-funded email address (

Here’s that response:


Why don’t you go back to South Carolina and attack conservatives?  Stay tuned.

Pat McDonough

His non-response causes me to infer that he thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to berate a Maryland voter (and taxpayer) on the public airwaves. He has no problems berating me (a voter, taxpayer, and blogger) for simply asking a question using his taxpayer-funded email address either.

Pat McDonough is the only politician I’ve seen who manages to piss off so many people who are in ideological agreeement with him on most issues and should be his biggest fans. Maybe Delegate McDonough should go back to the Democratic Party (where he served as a delegate from 1979-1983) and he wouldn’t have to throw out as much of the demagoguery, bluster, red meat, and publicity whoring to get the attention he apparently needs.

A quick review of what I’ve written about McDonough before:

  • In the runup to 2012, he had trouble deciding what he was going to run for that year before eventually doing nothing.
  • He has the reputation of not paying and attending GOP events that other delegates pay for, and he even unsuccessfully tried to crash the VIP reception at the Baltimore County GOP’s Lincoln Dinner last year.
  • McDonough has a pattern of campaign finance violations. An update since that was written: McDonough had another violation he had to pay the fine on earlier this year before he could file for re-election.
  • Earlier this year, McDonough falsely claimed a 9/11 hijacker had a Maryland Driver’s license.  My comments then:
    Sloppiness with the facts in this attempt to get into the limelight on this story is not a surprise coming from Delegate McDonough. While I agree with him on most issues, his bloviating and flair for the self promotion (at the cost of common sense, facts, and strategy) would make me put him near the top of the list of overrated Republicans in Maryland.
  • He has also been mentioned in other posts on subjects including HB 1513.

Now let’s look at other coverage of Delegate McDonough…

In 2012, former Ehrlich staffer Richard Cross wrote that Republicans should condemn McDonough’s comments about “black youth mobs” terrorizing Baltimore.

Cross wrote:

McDonough has no substance as a policymaker, legislator, or opinion-leader, but like many low grade talk radio hosts, he has a need and a knack for self-promotion. He serves this need by locating the sweet spot on issues sure to appeal to the political fringe.
Among the go-nowhere causes which he has championed: support for so-called “English First” legislation, opposition to a resolution calling upon Maryland to apologize for slavery, and a bill to keep an alleged exodus of Washington, D. C. rats from entering Maryland.
While none of his efforts achieved any real results, he usually wound up with his name in the paper – his real objective all along.
When not in the legislature, this bewigged demagogue stirs the pot by waging phantom campaigns for higher offices and hosting a program on WCBM.
Brian Griffiths was critical of McDonough in 2012 when he derided for authoring a bill against the trafficking of rats from DC into Maryland after DC passed a no-kill law:

Mind you this is par for the course with Pat McDonough, to do something inanely ridiculous in order to get his name in the newspaper. I mean after all, we’re talking about a guy who:

Face it. Pat McDonough is a doofus. You know it. I know it. He probably knows it.

He’s a third-rate elected official whose ego is not commiserate with the noticeably lacking intellectual capacity.

He is ineffective, even for those constituents that he is theoretically elected to serve.

He continues to announce that he is exploring to run for higher and higher offices without having the guts to actually follow through with it, while still being offended when other people don’t seek his permission to run for office (or, as Mark summed up, “Everybody else put you plans on hold, because I ‘m the most relevant politician I’ve ever met.”).

He continues to consistently be an embarrassment to his district, the Republican Party, and the body to which he was elected.

If Pat McDonough really wants, for once in his life, to do right by his state, his party, and the ideals that he supposedly believes in, he needs to go away. Because our side is not helped by his continuance in office.

McDonough is an easy target for the other side when he makes controversial  comments that will get him the attention that he desires.  For example, when the in-state tuition bill for illegal immigrants (aka the Dream Act) passed, McDonough made the following comments:
McDonough, who in a news release Wednesday suggested revelers celebrating the law are “popping the tequila corks prematurely,” said Hispanic organizations like Casa did the heavy lifting to move the Dream Act through the legislature after it failed in several previous sessions.
In the below interview, McDonough notes that blacks will be hurt most by the Dream Act because it will be “their jobs”-  which he then refers to as “unskilled labor”- that will be affected:

Of course, I agree with Richard Cross that Maryland Republicans should condemn McDonough when he says nutty stuff. Barring that, they should just shun him or otherwise ignore him. Not many Republican activists or politcians will openly criticize him because, frankly they think he would be such a pain in the ass to deal with if they did so. He is throwing out red meat that with impunity because he easily gets re-elected in a safe district and they don’t want him trying to cause them anymore problems in their races. McDonough and his seatmates do face primary opposition this year. If you don’t like the way McDonough tries to run roughshod over anyone who disagrees, you should look at giving a contribution to his opponents.

This all gets back to the blatant attempt at a power grab by the Harford County delegation with HB 1513. Despite GOP attempts to stop this move (that appear to have been successful so far) , Delegates Impallaria, McDonough, and Szeliga are bitterly clinging on to their attempt to push through this bad piece of legislation.

One other note: I clearly labeled my email as a request for comment and included my site name in my signature. McDonough’s reply to me did not bear the words “off the record” or any similar language.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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Quinton is a veteran who served as an intelligence analyst in the Army National Guard. He is also an Eagle Scout.
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  1. Fat Pat with the bad rug is a 3rd rate politician, 2nd class legislator and a 1st CLASS ASS!!

  2. Missing one point here Jeff, he keeps getting re elected in his district. Therefore someone likes him. His constituents. And he has every right to run over and over. Regardless of his horrendous actions toward you. Unless of course he is somehow cheating at the polls, which I doubt. Not even Ehrlich has the authority to usurp the constituents decision to keep re electing McDonough. The only fix for that is term limits. And while I know McDonough, I don’t keep track of him or his voting record so this is not a defense for him. And why Ehrlich would suggest we give up a GOP seat to rid the legislation of McDonough only proves to me why we needed to keep Ehrlich out of office mans anyone associated with his administration. And I feel comfortable putting my name on my comment.

    • I’m not missing anything, Mike. I pointed out he can throw out the red meat because he’s in a safe seat. Only knocking him out in the primary can change that.