Notes from yesterday’s Craig-Hogan debate


Friday morning, there was a debate between GOP gubernatorial candidates David Craig and Larry Hogan at a breakfast meeting sponsored by the Greater Baltimore Economic Forum (GBEF.) It took place in Lutherville at the Five Farms Clubhouse of the Baltimore Country Club. Per longstanding BCC rules, no media was allowed in to the event. All of the other GOP candidates were also shut out of the debate.

I talked to one person who attended, and he told me that David Craig did well and he was impressed by the Harford County Executive’s performance. He went on to say that both Hogan and Craig did well, but he was surprised at how well Craig did.

I also received a statement from Ellen Sauerbrey on Craig’s debate peformance:

“David Craig used the Greater Baltimore Economic Forum as yet another opportunity to clearly articulate solutions to problems that plague Maryland, particularly in job growth and economic development.   Anyone who runs a business – ranging from a Fortune 500 company to a sole-proprietorship is well aware of what the problems are after seven years of the O’Malley – Brown Administration.

“David Craig’s bold proposal to put the state on a glide path towards elimination of the income tax will create the next Under Armour and other innovative and iconic companies we have not even heard of yet.  But we must start with fixing the tax code and controlling spending in order to attract and retain those businesses in Maryland. Our next Governor will need both experience and a mandate from the people in order to get these proposals passed in the General Assembly.  At the forum, David was able to show this important audience of concerned business people that his experience as county executive demonstrates what he would do as Governor. In Harford County he cut the property tax twice, saving $50 million.  He balanced eight consecutive budgets and the county retains its AAA bond rating.  As a result, the county created 6000 private sector jobs during his terms in office.

“Taxes are the top issue in this election and I am pleased to see David Craig taking the lead on this important issue.”

Here’s what the Hogan campaign said on Facebook about the event:

Thanks to the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore for inviting us to this morning’s gubernatorial forum! It was a great opportunity to discuss the issues most important to our campaign: bringing fiscal responsibility, common sense, and integrity to our state capital, and restoring Maryland’s economy to support job creators and families.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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