Delores Kelley: Poster Child for the Nanny State


From The Baltimore Sun

Sen. Delores G. Kelley, a Baltimore County Democrat, said she thought it was “unconscionable” to not regulate rates. At a recent work session on the issue, Kelley rejected the contention from Lyft and Uber that it’s a matter of consumer choice about whether to use the application to book a ride and they won’t do it if the price is too high.

“We regulate all sorts of things because the general public is not smart enough to know when they’re about to be fleeced,” Kelley said. [emphasis added]

This specific article was about issues related to Uber but it is really illuminating for a liberal Democrat like Kelley to admit that what she thinks about the general public and why that is her motivation for even more regulations.

Walter Olson of The Cato Institute writes on this issue:

But what about members of the general public who are smart enough to know they’re about to be fleeced, but are unable to do anything about it because it’s lawmakers and market incumbents combining to make that happen?

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. To some extent, she has a point – look at all the folks that voted for Obama and now indicate disappointment. Had they done their homework, they would know that what this admin is doing was indicated by what then, Senator Obama, and books written about him said. Even now some still blame “Bush” for the economy instead of taking a rational look at the economy and the Obama policies. Unfortunately liberals never admit to failure, no matter what the facts. Also, the main stream media also seem to favor communist/socialist/progressive etc.(take your pick) ideas over the traditional values and constitutional republican form of government that made America great. It doesn’t seem to bother them that they have become a propaganda machine rather than a reporter of the news that keeps citizens informed( informed citizens are a requirement for a successful country with our constitutional republican form of gov’t)

  2. The general justification for rate regulation is not that people won’t know they are being “fleeced”, but because the state arguably owes a custodial duty to consumers after it inflicts monopoly or oligopoly on them by regulation. If the state takes away the ability of competing sellers to enter the market, the state should prevent abuse of the anticompetitive environment that it itself created by fiat and the power of the courts and sheriffs.

    It has nothing to do with people being not “smart enough” to read a price tag.