Former congressman removed from court for disrupting Trudeau sentencing



U.S. TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau, who was convicted last year of criminal contempt for exaggerating the contents of his weight-loss book in infomercials, was sentenced on Monday to 10 years in prison.

Trudeau, 51, who has been held in federal custody since his conviction in November, will also have five years of supervised release after serving his sentence, U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Guzman said.

I noticed something about the following disturbance in other articles and found the most details in the Reuters story:

The courtroom was packed with Trudeau supporters. One, Ed Foreman, 80, a motivational speaker from Dallas who had been a congressman for Texas and New Mexico, tried twice to make a statement in Trudeau’s support during the hearing.

When Foreman failed to respond to the judge’s order to be quiet, he was lifted up by his arms and legs and carried out of the courtroom by federal marshals.

Foreman was cited for creating a disturbance, which will cost him $175, according to U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman Randall Samborn.

The Chicago Tribune had other details

It was a tranquil end to a two-hour hearing that at one point had grown raucous. As Guzman was questioning one of Trudeau’s attorneys, an elderly supporter suddenly stood in the front row of the audience and bellowed, “Judge, I am a former U.S. congressman!” before being ordered to sit down.

After another outburst a few minutes later, the man, later identified as Ed Foreman, 80, of Dallas, was ordered to leave the courtroom. He refused, and when security officers tried to stand Foreman up, he went limp and was eventually carried out as other spectators shouted in protest.

“You are not entitled to disrupt the proceedings,” Guzman told the remaining audience members, some of whom sobbed loudly. “I urge you to simply keep quiet and listen.”

Foreman, a former Congressman who represented districts in Texas and New Mexico four decades ago, was ticketed for creating a disturbance, a petty offense payable by a $150 fine and court fees, officials said. According to his website, he is a motivational speaker who has previously touted Trudeau’s Global Information Network, touted as an international club that charges membership fees in exchange for success “secrets.”

Ed Foreman’s congressional biography:

Representative from Texas and New Mexico; born in Portales, Roosevelt County, N.Mex., December 22, 1933; attended the public schools of Portales and Eastern New Mexico University at Portales, 1952-1953; B.S., New Mexico State University, 1955; United States Navy, 1956-1957; United States Naval Reserve and United States Air Force Reserve; president, Valley Transit Mix, Atlas Land Co., and Foreman Oil, Inc.; delegate, Republican National Conventions, 1964 and 1968; elected as a Republican from Texas to the Eighty-eighth Congress (January 3, 1963-January 3, 1965); unsuccessful candidate for reelection to the Eighty-ninth Congress in 1964; elected to the Ninety-first Congress from New Mexico (January 3, 1969-January 3, 1971); unsuccessful candidate for reelection to the Ninety-second Congress in 1970; assistant secretary, United States Department of Interior, 1971; assistant secretary, United States Department of Transportation, 1972-1976; business executive.

Ed Foreman’s website has more information.

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