State Board of Elections disqualifies MD gubernatorial candidate


Brian Vaeth’s campaign was disqualified today for not meeting the 5-year voter registration requirement for the office. Vaeth plans to appeal the ruling. In 2010, Charles Lollar didn’t run for Governor for the same reason, but he hadn’t filed yet like Vaeth did this cycle.

Brian Vaeth wrote the following on Facebook:

I am extremely disappointed by the Board’s decision to disqualify our campaign for Governor of Maryland and we will be appealing this arbitrary and capricious decision. We will allow the court to render a decision on this and will continue with the campaign until that decision is final. On behalf of Mr. Duane Davis and the campaign, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support and we will keep you updated.

Vaeth later posted this statement:

We filed our certificate of Candidacy with the State Board of Elections on May 1, 2013. We checked the candidacy requirements on the MD State Board of Elections website and with the election law article, as enacted in the MD Annotated Code. It did not state that there was a 5 year voter registration requirement. It is listed in Article 2, section 5 of the State Constitution. We did not know that but the MD State Board accepted our filing and the deadline came and passed. We had a reasonable expectation that the State Board would accurately represent the qualifications and when designated as official, they are doing the qualification review for a non lawful purpose. No other office has a requirement like this and we even called the State Board of Elections today and asked them if any office has a voter registration requirement. They said no. It would have helped us tremendously if they would have let us know months ago.

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