Larry Hogan reaches out to Democrat donors


I received a copy of a fundraising letter dated February 24, 2014 that was sent by the Hogan campaign. My source of the document is a long-time registered Democrat. I’ll make no comment on the fact that Hogan sent the fundraising  letter to registered Democrats other than to say he is really trying to make sure he raises the seed money needed (over $250K) since he is going for public financing. I do wonder if any other candidates have reached out to Democrats this way. (Charles Lollar organized Democrats for Lollar efforts in Baltimore City and other areas.)

Here’s the first page of the letter:


Page one includes content that looks familiar if you’ve seen other Hogan campaign literature and statements. Additionally, Hogan claims to not be a politician. He also uses the caps-lock key to tell the recipients that matching funds are “NOT TAXPAYER DOLLARS.”

The language about the matching funds being a 12:1 match is included again in a Hogan solicitation. The letter notes the first $250 will be matched of every contribution and also asks for contribution levels up to $2500.

Here’s page 2 of the letter:


Page two cites material you’ve seen before as well if you’ve followed Hogan’s campaign. The line that other campaigns have mocked before is included as well. I won’t mock it, since it cites internal polling but I also wonder about how the language of the sentence is constructed compared to what the internal data actually say. That sentence: “We have a 30% better chance to beat Brown than Gansler does, and a 36% better chance than Ehrlich had in 2002.”

Much of the rest of the letter isn’t new either. The postcript includes an ask for donations at levels starting at $100 and going up to $4000.

One long-time registered Democrat receiving this letter doesn’t prove it was only sent to Democrats. It does prove it was sent to Democrats, however. As I said, I’m not slamming or praising that audience for a fundraising letter. I am just pointing it out.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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