Rep. Jeff Duncan: Boehner “doesn’t have the support of the conference”


Jonathan Strong writes:

“My sense at the present time that the Speaker doesn’t have the support of the conference,” says South Carolina Republican Rep. Jeff Duncan about John Boehner.


The discussions behind closed doors, which have picked up dramatically in past months, are still at the early stages, and it’s not clear whether Boehner will even come back. There are also still nine months left in 2014 – an eternity in politics.

But based on interviews with a broad array of plugged-in Republicans over the last several weeks, it seems unlikely the transition into 2015 will pass through peacefully.

“There are conversations being had,” Duncan adds.

Strong also discusses possibilities Boehner might not run for re-election as speaker and reports one unnamed Republican Member of Congress saying that 40 members already oppose Boehner. Possibilities for Speaker might be Eric Cantor or Jeb Hensarling, with Cantor as the frontrunner if Boehner were to not run.

Boehner’s spokesman says he’s running again and Cantor’s spokesman says he support Boehner as Speaker, so all of this discussion may be for naught ultimately.

For the record, Jeff Duncan lives in my hometown and represents the 3rd District, where I used to live.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. If Mr. Cantor wants the job, then Mr. Boehner will find himself the object of a shocking disclosure. Mr. Cantor and Mr. Rahm Emanuel are cut from the same cloth and it is very soiled. Can you spell Rostenkowski? I worked with several Gentlemen who were assigned to Mr. Rostenkowski’s investigation, and they noted Mr. Rostenkowski’s actions were an everyday occurrence throughout Congress. Read your history Mr. Boehner, sometimes it’s better to slide away quietly when the Hunters are approaching.