The Quinton Report in the City Paper on Peroutka, Dwyer, and DINOs


Van Smith of the City Paper writes about issues in Anne Arundel County surrounding the candidacies of David Whitney (a Democrat) and Michael Peroutka (a Republican.) Specifically, he discusses a Daily Kos post by Jonathan Hutson (treasuer of the Anne Arundel County Democratic Central Committee whose wife Betsy Bury is a candidate for  Central Committee.) Hutson talks at length about Peroutka, Whitney, and Don Dwyer.

From the City Paper story:

As evidence, Hutson cites the Democratic candidacy of David Whitney, one of the contenders in the June 24 primary in which Bury is running. Whitney is a pastor and lead instructor of Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), co-founded by Christian lawyer Michael Peroutka, the former Constitution Party presidential candidate given a hard look by City Paper a decade ago. Peroutka is an important player in the League of the South, which the Southern Poverty Law Center dubs a neo-confederate group.

While Peroutka still has influence in the League of the South, he is no longer a board member. Hutson did note that Whitney is chaplain for the Maryland Chapter of the League.

Smith continues with the latest:

Today, Peroutka is a GOP candidate for Anne Arundel County’s Republican Central Committee, andreportedly came close to filing as the Republican Party’s candidate for Maryland attorney general. Jeff Quinton of the conservative blog The Quinton Report has been giving Peroutka some straight-shooting attention. Cato Institute senior fellow Walter Olson emailed City Paper in February about Quinton’s reporting on Peroutka, calling the theocratic political-philosopher a “wackypants anti-gay crusader,” a less caustic characterization than that offered by the gay-rights group Human Rights Campaign in 2012, when they dubbed Peroutka an “active white supremacist and secessionist sympathizer.” City Paper also highlighted Peroutka in coverage of the successful same-sex marriage campaign in Maryland that year.

As I noted before, Peroutka has, on more than one occasion, made strong, unequivocal statements against racism.

Smith goes on to tie Dwyer and John Moran in based on Hutson’s post:

Hutson’s portrayal of the current political situation in Anne Arundel County includes fact-packed descriptions of Maryland state Del. Don Dwyer, an IOTC veteran, and former Republican, now Democrat John Moran, a Baltimore police officer and perennial GOP candidate in the county who was a passenger on the boat Dwyer crashed while drunk in 2012, injuring children. Moran is running to be a state delegate in District 31A, and Hutson writes that he is a manifestation of Dwyer’s “Democrat in Name Only,” or DINO, movement that seeks a rightward shift in the party of the left.

Hutson’s dKos post discusses Dwyer’s attendance at events involving Peroutka as well as Dwyer’s involvement with the IOTC. Hutson also discussed Dwyer’s plan for Operation DINO to make the Democratic Party more conservative in Maryland.


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