GOP candidate digging for dirt on conservative bloggers


I received word over the weekend from a very reliable source not in Maryland that a Republican candidate for office in Maryland is digging for dirt on me and also running a background check on me. I’ve found some other indicators that this research on me is underway. This same candidate likely ran a background check or has been digging for dirt on other bloggers as well.

This same candidate may also be digging into the background of campaign staffers for opposing candidates and has most certainly done the same for the other candidates themselves.

Digging for dirt on opponents, and to a lesser extent their staffers, has been a part of campaigns for a while now. However, a GOP candidate digging for dirt on conservative bloggers may take things to a new level of escalation. If you take it to its logical end, would this same candidate be running background checks on reporters that write stories that are considered unfavorable?

Stay tuned for updates.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Even if you don’t want to say at this time, I hope you know who (by name) it is that is snooping into your life.

  2. On the other hand it could be a good thing. Maybe they are doing due dilligence before offering to hire you?!

  3. It will certainly be interesting to see how this develops. #BecauseTransparency

    Don’t like what someone writes about you, just try to dig up dirt on them in retaliation. Wow.