Maryland officials change name of Common Core



With confusion still swirling around the Common Core State Standards, it is no surprise that it is high on state and local education officials’ list of priorities for 2014.

The controversial standards, which outline what students need to learn in math and English/language arts, have gotten a bad rap from parents and some educators as well. As criticism of the standards has intensified, Maryland Superintendent of Schools Lillian Lowery announced that she will no longer refer to them as the Common Core. “We’ve gone from using the term Common Core State Standards to Maryland College and Career Ready Standards,” Lowery said.


Lowery says her administration has put “the Maryland touch” to the standards in developing a curriculum, so theirs can’t be lumped together with other states’ efforts. “The name branding means Maryland owns it and with Maryland attached to it, people will pay more attention because it’s ours,” she said.

And Lowery hopes the new name will reduce the confusion associated with the standards and new curriculum. “The confusion over it is a communication problem at every level, so a part of the rebranding…could on one level be a communication technique that could help people better understand what we’re trying to do,” she said.

Is this really just putting lipstick on a pig because of all the opposition to Common Core?

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. This woman is not serious is she?????? They just keeo digging the hole of deceit and deception deeper and deeper. Stop screwing around with these crooks. Get your kids out of the system. If you have not read todays article from The New American on Common Core I highly recommend you read it. Getting rid of Common Core will not stop the real agenda. The only way to save our children and their future is to starve the beast.

  2. The CCSS were developed out of the CCRS. These stds were developed by Achieve, a non profit org that partnered with NGA and CCSSO. The stds are a patch quilt of “evidence” and “research” that “informed” them as they developed and wrote the stds. “Achieve is proud to be theleadingvoice for college-career ready agenda, and has helped transform the concept of ‘college and career readiness for all students’ from a radical proposal into a national agenda.” Yes, they just said a radical proposal. Also, these stds are not internationally benchmarked. When I asked MSDE for that evidence I was referred to a 2008 report that was a roadmap of how to develop them. Remember, the stds were not finalized till 2010. Only 1 report perfoed by ACT tested the CCR in a linking analysis of PISA scores of only 2,248 children in 77 US schools and determined that the CCR and CCSS (by the fact they were developed from) were internationally benchmarked. Is one study of 2,248 out of 50 million representative? ACT helped create these stds, the test assessments and performed the analysis. Conflict of interest. The stds as they exist today will be changed based upon our testing as the CC MOA (signed by each state that agreed) attests by saying the fed govt can provide “a research agenda that can help continually improve common core over time.” They also said I’m the MOA that the “fed govt can revise and align existing federal ed laws with the lessons learned from states’ international benchmarking efforts and from federal research.” Our children are in a live field test without our consent and is in violation of federal HHS regulation 45 that should protect our children from being human subjects research. Maybe that is why the MOA also said that in no way should “the NOA or CCSSO, individually or jointly, be liable.” Also keep in mind that these stds were not written by educators, but by financial “stakeholders” in our children’s education–consultants, text pubs, testing developers (ie SAT that just aligned). The true educators refused to sign off on them. In addition, those experts in cognitive development were also not consulted as these “skills” were back-mapped into our children’s education. Many children are struggling because their brains haven’t developed yet to do those skills. The teachers are not given wide flexibility in developing curriculum since Achieve gives detailed instruction on how to implement these stds and cautions teachers and textbook publishers on how they teach it, in what order and pacing lest ” progressions disappear when stds are torn out of context and taught as isolated event,” and “the stds are a policy document after all.” The MsDE accepted a grant for data collection called “extending, blending, and using PL12/P20w data for career and college readiness and workforce tracking, policy analysis and policy making,” that also will provide info on “student strengths and weaknesses” and ” will help policy makers improve decisions on education initiative, curriculum alignments and workforce programs.” Yes, it said policy makers, not educators. Please, do your research and help fight the federal takeover of our education. They can rename the CCSS as MD College and career ready stds, but Maryland doesn’t own anything about them. The didn’t do their due diligence when they agreed to them or when they got them. And our children will be testing this “prescription for economic recovery” without testing, knowing if it will really work, if it will cause adverse reactions and will have no anecdote if it turns into poison.

  3. You can throw perfume on a pile of manure and it still will smell like s***. Sorry.
    Changing the name doesn’t change the fact that it is a messed up mess that is going to screw up kids.

  4. Ms. Lowery may change the name of the standards and she may have added the “Maryland touch”, but from my understanding the standards can only be added to by 15%. It is not only some of the standards we as parents are opposed, it is the continuous assessments, the constant testing, to collect the data on our children. When Secretary Duncan told of of the four assurances, of tying the states hands to the standards, testing etc, it is the CCSS that glues it all together. I am opposed to a federal takeover of my children’s education. I am opposed to Bill Gates and Pearson dictating the education in this country. I find it appalling that even the writer of the math standards admits CCSS is not for STEM but for non-selective and two year colleges. But what I find even more heartbreaking is that the Archdiocese of Baltimore embraced these standards, telling us we are following common core, and then we as parents challenged that, they also rebranded them. I am now paying a tuition for the same education that the public school children are getting. Hence I am homeschooling next year.

    • It is moms like you that will save this country. Home school is the ONLY option. That is until they find a way to destroy that too. It is time for parents to take responsibility for their children. Starve the beast!!!

  5. […] Originally Posted by ejsmom IDK, maybe I'm just burnt out, cynical, and in a pissy mood. Yeah. What you said. That's pretty much my everyday lately. I agree with the vast majority of what you wrote and, TBH, it never occurred to me that there'd be HSers caught up in the CC-driven chaos now because of standardized testing. We don't have to participate in it in our area. Woot! Sorry to remember that others do, though. I'm also bothered by the 'tracking' that's being done as a part of CC. So. Not. Cool. IMO FWIW, here the lovely land of MD, I heard they've decided to make some changes to CC because of all the hullabaloo lately from parents and teachers. Are they changing the guts of it? Nope-nope-nopitty-nope. They're changing the name to Maryland College and Career Ready Standards instead of calling it Common Core. This is so typical for this area. It's like Oz…just pay attention to the curtain, folks, and don't look behind it. Maryland officials change name of Common Core | The Quinton Report […]