Impallaria slams Smigiel; Smigiel fires back


From Delegate Rick Impallaria’s Annapolis Update #3 sent via email on March 25, 2014:

With regard to gun legislation, Chairman Vallario of the House Judiciary Committee is holding all bills in the drawer, which means that the bills are being denied a committee vote. We need a new strategy for presenting gun legislation. Unfortunately, Delegate Smigiel has hijacked the issue from the body by prefiling bills. Bills may be filed before session begins (prefiling), and in our case here, when the bills are held in the drawer, other elected officials, both Democrat and Republican, are prevented from signing on in support. Next session, gun legislation needs to be put in by both Republicans and Democrats, and cosponsored by members of both parties if ever there is to be a hope of getting meaningful pro-Second Amendment legislation passed.

Delegate Michael Smigiel provided me the following statement in reply to Impallaria’s remarks:

Any statement that I prefiled all the gun bills is just flat out wrong. I prefiled 3 bills and there were 12 bills which were filed after the start of Session and had cosponsors including Democratic cosponsors.The bills were held in my office while we sent out e-mails to all the delegates giving them an opportunity to cosponsor the bills. In fact, any Delegate who came around to my office may have been given ideas for bills to put in as delegates from both parties did. Furthermore, anyone can work on 2nd Amendment issues throughout the interim and prepare any bills they wish. He did not choose to spend any time on the 2nd Amendment issues.

There is history between the two delegates.

In 2009, it was reported that:

Del. Michael Smigiel said recently that Del. Rick Impallaria suggested that he ignore a subpoena at a court hearing earlier this month.

There was a lawsuit against Impallaria by Irwin Kramer, who said Impallaria “owed nearly $16,000 in back legal fees for his  [Kramer’s] representation of a group known as Democrats for Responsive Government.”

More from the court hearing in the article:

Under oath, Smigiel told Murphy that during that phone call Impallaria told him, ” ‘It would be better if you didn’t show up. It’s going to get ugly. I’d hate to be working against you in the next election.’ ”

Smigiel said in court that he told Impallaria that as an attorney and officer of the court he was required to honor the subpoena.

Smigiel testified that Impallaria then said, ” ‘Well, maybe your memory could get bad.’ ”

The 2009 report, by Bryan Sears, says Impallaria didn’t testify and this lawyer didn’t address Smigiel’s remarks.

Impallaria’s past history of not getting along with others is mentioned as well in the article:

Impallaria has not been known for a light touch during his two terms in the House of Delegates. In 2004, he and Republican Del. Pat McDonough were accused of being involved in a yelling and shoving contest with several lobbyists who represent immigration organizations.

In February, Impallaria was ousted as vice chairman of the Harford County Delegation. That vote had been preceded by a profanity-laced tirade from Impallaria aimed at fellow Republican Del. Donna Stiffler.

McDonough and Impallaria’s actions during the fight over HB 1513 are consistent with this behavior. Most recently, McDonough sent a bombastic email to the House GOP Caucus.

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  1. Smigiel never goes away. He’s always a front runner and he knows the difference between right and wrong. . Impallario only comes out a few months before election.INever know what he’s all about..