Confirmed: Mike Hough’s slate in District 4


On March 11, I wrote about the “the newly-formed slate of candidates that includes Senate candidate Mike Hough and House candidates [David] Vogt, Kathy Afzali, and Barrie Ciliberti.”

Here’s what Joe Steffen wrote about the matter on March 13:

So, anyway, based upon some rumblings I was hearing, I asked Michael Hough if he was running as part of a slate, and here’s what he told me:

“No slate as of now.  I’m willing to do joint things together if there are delegates who are conservative and want to work together.”

So, as of right now, Michael Hough is slate-less.  When I thanked him for his answer and told him that I’d seen a few things hinting that he was in a slate with “Vogt and others,” he added:

“Right now it’s just me, but not opposed to working with others as long as they are conservative.”

I followed up Steffen’s report with a clarification based on Hough’s remarks to him while also pointing out that Hough has a slate for Frederick County GOP Central Committee candidates.

The following palm card is out in the wild now:


The literature above refers to Hough, Afzali, Ciliberti, and Vogt as “Maryland’s Conservative Team” while saying they “will fight to cut the O’Malley/Brown budget, lower taxes, defend the 2nd Amendment, and protect life.”

Additionally, note that the authority line includes each candidate’s campaign separately. So, technically this may not be a “slate” under election laws, but the candidates are indeed working together, which many laymen would refer to as a slate regardless of the legal technicalities involved.

As I noted before:

I have to wonder what Hough gains by this slate if that’s what is happening. I would think he would be a strong candidate alone and might be dragged down by all of the house candidates listed.

Hough has a lot of campaign money that could help all of these candidates out, but he’s a strong conservative candidate in his own right, so I’m not sure what he gains from this arrangement.

On February 19, I reported that Hough was going to lose his House GOP leadership position due to his Senate bid. I got denials from Minority Leader Nic Kipke and other sources in Annapolis. Then, the next day, Hough resigned his leadership position. Then there are denials of the slate report that ultimately end up being the truth.

Hough faces incumbent Senator David Brinkley, who voted for taxpayer-funded abortion, in the primary. Vogt, Afzali, and Ciliberti are facing Wendi Peters and Kelly Schulz in the primary.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. I still have not figured out why Hough hitched his wagon to Afzali. Her voting record is questionable at best and her political acumen is surely exceeded by her ego. David Vote refuses to listen to anyone and is driven by his desire to abandon Chick-fil-a. Ciliberti, is my unknown factor. I understand he is a Montgomery Co. transplant and a RiNO.
    I was leaning Hough but, with this stable of who’s from Misfit Island, I’ll stick to the seasoned David Brinkley and the Blonde Ambition pair of Schulz & Peters leaving the 3rd delegate blank.