Legislative aide falsely told police a “black male” assaulted him


As reported elsewhere, Luke Uriah Kershner Horah (an aide to Democrat Delegate Mary Dulany-James) got into a fight Monday night with his brother Jacob Deyman Kershner Horah inside the delegate’s office. It was reported today by The Baltimore Sun that:

Legislative aide Luke Uriah Kershner Horah, 25, of the 100 block of Hopewell Road in Rising Sun, and Jacob Deyman Kershner Horah, 19, of the same address, were both charged with second-degree assault, disorderly intoxication, disorderly conduct, malicious destruction of property and affray, Michelle Parker, spokesperson for the Maryland Capitol Police, confirmed in an e-mail. Affray is fighting in a public place.

The police report (which is at the bottom of this post in its entirety) notes that the responding officer found Luke Horah smelling of alcohol with disheveled and blood-stained clothing. The officer also noted that Horah said that a 6’2″ black male assaulted him. When police looked for that black male suspect they found a bloody Jacob Horah. The report notes the other details of their injuries and the destruction of property in the office of Delegate Dulany-James. Additionally, it notes that Luke Horah told police that his brother “fell down a stairwell and cut his face.”

Here’s the narrative from the police report:

After their initial report on the charges, the Sun went back and mentioned the police report details including the false statement made by Luke Horah.

Luke Horah has a lengthy list of charges in Maryland Judiciary Case Search, most of them moving violations. Some of them have been dropped and some of them including findings of guilty. Most recently, he was charged in 2013 with driving while intoxicated (and several other charges went with it.) In April 2013, Luke Horah received supervised probation for judgement for that DWI. There was a long list of other charges that were dropped, possibly as a plea deal, as part of the PBJ. They included driving 108 mph in a 65 mph zone and other charges related to a suspended license (not the first time he had been charged with that.)

Here’s a screenshot of everything he has been charged with in recent years (not all of them convictions as I already noted.) The 4/9/2013 charges were the ones all related to the DWI.


Here’s the full police report:

Luke Horah Police Report

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