Listen to Doug Gansler’s radio ad attacking Obamacare exchange problems


A new radio ad from the Gansler campaign “tells the story of Bonnita, a Prince George’s County resident who was unable to buy health insurance online through the Maryland exchange website. The ad also describes Attorney General Douglas Gansler’s successful efforts to fight health insurance companies trying to unfairly deny coverage to Marylanders.”

The ad, which doesn’t mention Anthony Brown by name while clearly taking a shot at him, is appearing in the DC radio market. A previous Gansler video ad attacked Brown on the same issue directly.

Transcript of the ad:

“For People”
BONNITA: My name is Bonnita Spikes. I’m a retired nurse.
I tried to sign up on the Maryland health website. I’ve tried at least 50 times.
The website’s ridiculous, I mean really — I used the website and I still had to call.
It’s just not working; it doesn’t work; it does not work.
NARRATOR: The Washington Post calls Maryland’s health care website “a debacle” and “one of the worst performing in the country.”
It’s a $261 million dollar failure.
People needing heart medicine, cancer care or care for a child — tens of thousands of Maryland families, left without health care coverage because people in charge couldn’t get their website up and running.
Doug Gansler just wouldn’t put up with this mess.
As Attorney General, Gansler took on insurance companies when they unfairly denied people health care.
As governor, he’ll get health care reform done – for people.
Doug Gansler. A governor to fight for us.
“Paid for by Friends of Doug Gansler. Jeanne McLane, Treasurer.”

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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