Nikki Haley’s primary opponent withdraws


South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley now finds herself without a primary opponent. Tom Ervin, a lawyer who previously served as a legislator and a judge, withdrew from the primary today and announced he would now be attempting to run as a petition candidate.

The State has his statement:

“After considerable thought and prayer, I have decided to bypass the June 10th Republican primary in favor of a petition candidacy to place my name on the November general election ballot for governor,” he said in a statement. “Like most South Carolinians, I’m a fiscal and social conservative with an independent streak. I’m running to reform state government and to restore executive competence, honesty and accountability — especially as it relates to protecting our most vulnerable children in harm’s way.”


“I believe South Carolina is ready for fresh new leadership and ready for a governor who cares about our people and not selfish political ambition,” he said. “Both (Republican Gov.) Nikki Haley and (Democratic challenger) Vince Sheheen are career politicians. I’m a small business owner who will serve as governor and then return home to run my business.”

He said he started gathering signatures of registered voters to have his name added to the November ballot as a “Republican petition candidate.”

“I look forward to offering my vision for South Carolina as a Republican in the general election,” he said.

He wouldn’t have won the primary and now he apparently hopes to be a spoiler in the general if he manages to get on the ballot. In addition to Democrat Vincent Sheheen, there is a Libertarian candidate running who claims to be the only pro-choice candidate in the race (Sheheen is Catholic.)

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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