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I wrote before on questions about Don Quinn’s residency that were raised since he was still registered to vote in Washington state in January when he first registered in Maryland (the same day he filed to run for office.) Additionally, he was still driving a vehicle with Washington tags in late January. Quinn is running against Eric Knowles in the Republican Primary for the Maryland State Senate in District 30. The winner faces incumbent Senator John Astle in November.

Quinn’s recent home of Washington voted to legalize marijuana in 2012. Specifically, adults over the age of 21 in Washington can legally “possess up to 1 oz (28 g) of marijuana, 16 oz (450 g) of marijuana infused product in solid form, 72 oz (2.0 kg) of marijuana infused product in liquid form or any combination of all three and to legally consume marijuana, and marijuana infused products.”

In this year’s legislative session, marijuana was decriminalized in Maryland. Specifically, the bill signed earlier this week by Governor Martin O’Malley does the following:

With decriminalization, violators would receive citations similar to traffic tickets for possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana: the person could either pay the fine in full or request a trial date in District Court. Failure to appear would be a misdemeanor under the criminal code. Records of convictions would not be subject to public inspection, the bill says.


The final bill that emerged from the House and Senate would have escalating fines for multiple offenses: a second violation would carry a $250 fine, and a third offense would have a $500 fine. A court would be required to order a drug assessment for a third-time offender. In addition, a violator who is younger than 21 years old would have to appear before a court; the initial version in the Senate applied that sanction to people under 18 years old.

All of the above is context for the meat of this story below.

A website called exists and the domain name is registered to Donald Quinn in care of a webhost in Los Angeles.


The website itself bears this copyright notice:

 © 2014 Indelible Ink Marketing

Don Quinn, candidate for the Maryland State Senate, lists himself as director at Indelible Ink on his LinkedIn profile.

Currently, the Find Local Pot website focuses on medical marijuana. In some states medicinal marijuana is tightly regulated. However, in some states, like California, the medical marijuana process has proven to be a joke. Even though the content of Quinn’s website focuses on medical marijuana for now, that domain name could make the site a very lucrative one for facilitating marijuana sales in the future if the federal government and other states were to fully legalize marijuana. As I noted in a previous post, there has been a split in the MD GOP (and in the state overall) on marijuana issues.

I’ve included some screenshots from the site below. Based on the site’s overall design and layout (plus things like misspelled words), I’m not sure I would hire Indelible Ink if I were in the market for a website design.


Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton is an award-winning blogger who has been aggregating and blogging since 1998. He has worked as a reporter, in government, and as a communications professional in Columbia, SC and Washington, DC.

Quinton is a native South Carolinian who has lived in Baltimore since 2006. He is a recent convert to the Catholic Church and is active in the Knights of Columbus. He has been involved in the pro-life movement nationally and locally since 2010.

Quinton is a veteran who served as an intelligence analyst in the Army National Guard. He is also an Eagle Scout.
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  1. It is okay to advocate for a change in the law, but with this website Quinn is breaking Federal and State law. It looks like he is attempting to distribute marijuana. That is a crime that carries up to five years in Maryland.

  2. Jeff,

    I find the continued hatchet job attempts extremely amusing. I own a marketing company which works for all kinds of clients – including one who wants to promote a directory for medical marijuana. It’s called capitalism, something this country was founded on.

    And for the record your candidate of choice Eric Knowles sat in a room interviewing with the Capital Gazette yesterday and stated that he supports the legalisation of marijuana – I’m sure the Capital will be happy to provide you with transcripts. Something YOU would never print 😉 !

    Listen, I get that hatchet jobs are your specialty and that you want Eric to be the only candidate. I also get that you will never talk about the fact that Eric still has a Baltimore address listed for his race against Sarbaines or that Eric ran against the Republican ticket in 2010. Eric is your candidate – and that is also your choice. But at least do your readers the courtesy of stating that as a disclaimer. This veneer of pretending to be a legitimate blogger / journalist is disingenuous, much like your “reporting” which never seeks to talk to the person you are trying to do a “story” on.

    IF you were a legitimate journalist you would have asked about the address, the tabs, and now this website (which is a tester and hence not complete or schedule to be live any time soon).

    People like you are why Republicans don’t win races in Maryland, you are too busy cherry picking loosing candidates to care what is actually good for the party or the State.

    • Don,
      I have not endorsed a candidate nor will I. There is no conspiracy except in your mind. I think the nominee will likely be the “loosing” candidate in November whoever that nominee is. Thanks for the material for a follow-up post. I just reported facts above. Tell me exactly what is incorrect about what I wrote that makes it a “hatchet job”?

      I will make sure the followup includes your comment about it being a “tester” but otherwise I stand behind the original piece.

    • Don so let me get this right. You want the blog owner to comply with all your wishes if he discusses you or anyone else on his on blog site. Plus you want him to have a disclaimer on all Eric Knowles activities over the years just for you. How aristocratic of you. You related to Sarbanes I mean sardines.

      One thing I do like that Sarbanes said at last debate was, ” I may not agree with everything you say but at least I will listen. ” Sadly not seeing much listening from you don , lots of spouting off and somewhat rudeness to the blog owner.

  3. You wasted your time on this article! I am an avid reader of your website, but I looked at the links you put up, and this is ridiculous! I know bloggers are not professional journalists, but come on, man! You clearly back yourself up behind the candidate who is NOT a Republican. A man who half the time looks as if he smokes a little pot himself and after reading your article it seems you might be smoking something as well.

    Candidate Quinn’s work, which has no spelling errors that I could find (there is a book called Webster’s Dictionary should you need to check something), is one of excellence and he is highly regarded for his small business that has become nationwide. If anyone should be dissed for their job, it is that of a “blogger” who spins and takes pieces of a site and puts out an incorrect story.

    I follow politics, unlike yourself, and I look at both candidates. Eric Knowles is not a viable candidate so stop the attacks on his opponent. I came across Don Quinn and I have done my homework as a District 30 voter. I looked up this mans background- his small marketing business, yet one that reaches nationwide, and the fact he is a combat veteran. A man who will take personal calls from voters if they need something, or if they want to discuss an issue. Indelible Ink is a conversation I have had with Don, and from the clients that they have, both in our great state and across the country I have thought of hiring him. Don’t insult a man who is a genius on the computer, who can create marketing initiatives, and who has a platform of making Annapolis a better place to live. Why aren’t you writing a blog about the guy you clearly back working in a bar? A Bartender? That’s who you want to elect? Yes, lets not only pass marijuana, but lets have Eric Knowles propose a bill so that we can all legally drive drunk! Which will never happen because if you don’t point out his faults, and he should win the primary, Astle will win another term. Another term of Astle. And that’s on you, Mr. Quinton, the devoted Republican.

    Marijuana is not something I support, and I have heard Don’s views on what he thought of the bill passage- guess you didn’t do much research on that. He would have voted NO, when our beloved Senator clearly voted, YES. But my wife had cancer, the pain she endured was gut wrenching. Until you sit with a family member that is hunched over with cancer, do not ever make any type of accusation because you have not lived through it. I would have gotten my wife a prescription for marijuana in a heartbeat if I knew then it would make her feel better. Get off your keypad and take a walk in someone else’s shoes. That’s why I am voting for Don Quinn, he tries to gain all perspective- you can’t even gather facts.

    And no I don’t support potheads or recreational use of marijuana, but if something like that can alleviate pain from a dying person, I don’t find fault with it. And I now applaud the man with even higher respect for working for a company to direct cancer patients to medical supplies they need.

    If you’re going to write a blog, Mr. Quinton, write one with accuracy and not tidbits. I looked at the site. You took anything that could be misconstrued and posted it. I question whether you want a Republican in office, or not. Stop blogging and get a real job, or a hobby. You just lost a reader and a once respected supporter.


    PS And to the comment from Herbert, five year penalty. I suggest you read the real newspaper, and stop reading this garbage. You need to walk in a Federal officer’s shoes, as Mr. Quinton needs new shoes to walk from, too. With all due respect Herbert, your opinion is yours, but your facts are incorrect.

    • I assume you missed the “dispensery” slide on the website itself (which I actually have screen-capped above) before it got updated (after I wrote this.) Where did I say anything negative about medical marijuana?

      • Mr. Quinton,

        With all due respect, you’re accusations make you come across as not supporting medical marijuana. You are accusing a man of building a site to direct people to pot, as if he is doing so for recreational use. He is not. He is directing them for medical purposes by a company that hired him for his talents.

        You say that the site was updated AFTER you wrote this? Do you in fact have proof of that? That is what is required of a real “writer” and “researcher” as that is what you are listed as on your LinkedIn profile. And from what I read, you’re research is biased and not well-rounded. In fact, if you ever claimed yourself to be a real journalist, this piece could easily be seen as unethical reporting. And that sir, is why you write for a blog, and not for a news organization.

        And the fact the Mr. Quinn just stated that Eric Knowles supports the recent marijuana legislation is an outrage! Are you going to write a story on that tomorrow? You know, to cover both candidates equally?

        Mr. Quinton, I had a tremendous amount of respect for your pieces, I really did. But, I just followed up and read the one linked to you’re concern over his residency. YOU LIVE IN DC!!! You’re not a MD voter. Why write on this? The man has violated nothing, he is running a clean campaign, and he lives in the District, and thank God! Because he moved to a district and he saw the needs of folks like myself on one heck of a pension plan, a lack of resources, and a general disgust with what goes on in the legislature. That’s noble. Just like his service for our country, and yours, he moved to a state and he saw a need and instead of sitting around and typing up insults on a blog, he stepped up and decided he was going to do something about it.

        Why don’t you do something about it, too? Keep your political comments for inside the Capital Beltway and stay out of Maryland- you don’t know what a disservice you’re doing to voters like myself.

        • Your whole argument is suspect by the falsehoods you just wrote. I live in Baltimore County, Maryland as I have said numerous times. I have worked in DC yes, but never lived in side the Baltimore Beltway, let alone the Capital Beltway.

          • Then by all means, being a man of character, I offer my apologies for thinking you lived in DC. You looked up Quinn’s LinkedIn, I looked up yours. As an older gentleman who doesn’t have a LinkedIn, I assumed that is where you lived. But, there is still room for debate- you don’t live in District 30, so what I should have said is stay along Bel Air Road, York Road, to I-83 and give opinions of who you personally will vote for. But, I am sorry for thinking from a website that states District of Columbia as your area, that’s where you’re from.

            But now I looked further into it, you’re not from MD, either? You’ve been here since 2006? See, that’s research. And you’ve attack someone previously on the notion if they can be a candidate because of where he may have lived, or “questioned his residency”? Somewhat of an oxymoron, don’t you think? You wouldn’t know then about the huge victory in 2002 when we elected a Republican Governor…who won votes over a Kennedy? You were not a resident, either. In fact, Senator Astle who you think will be victorious is not from MD, either, he’s from WV. But you should be aware then, in 2006 we were in a surplus and now we are in a roughly (and I am sorry, I did not fact check the correct amount) a couple billion dollars worth of a deficit.

            But, again, I apologize. You live in Baltimore County. Since 2006.

            But I am a man and I do apologize for getting that incorrect. So, you’re up Jeff- its you’re turn. Apologizing doesn’t hurt, I didn’t even flinch.

          • Thanks for continuing to reply and comment Larry, or is it Jessica?

            Really hard-hitting research to find I’ve lived here since 2006 since it’s right above the comments on this post. Of course, I’ve noted on numerous occasions that I don’t endorse candidates in districts I don’t live in and I’ve been critical of others who did so. You appear to have missed that, Jessica. Of course, you’re in Caroline County and that’s not in District 30 either.

          • And looking at the comment below, I have no relation to the young woman below. You should fact check that.

            I’m not here to argue, I’m pointing out my concerns to you and this piece. And I believe the young woman below was doing the same. She screwed up your name, I don’t know if she will apologize. But don’t make assumptions. That’s my whole point. If you want to write, you want to blog- go do it! It’s your right. But don’t make incorrect statements.

            I apologized for my believing you lived in DC. Now you’re referring to me as knowing one of the many other thousands of people living in the District or one of the many who read your posts? That is an incorrect statement.

            I have more important things, like my work and family to attend to. I apologize for wasting your time away from blogging. But don’t make assumptions from a reader, who is allowed to comment from the rules of your site, when you do not know about me. I’d be happy to share. You have my e-mail address.

            Be well, Mr. Quinton.

          • Nice try, Larry but you are posting from the same IP address as Jessica and it’s over in the Denton/Ridgely area in Caroline County. Thanks for the astroturfing.

  4. B-O-L-O-G-N-A! John, why are you even getting into this. Everyone in Don Quinn’s district knows that he is the only Republican candidate. They know Knowles, who took away votes from Ehrlich who was and still is a devout Republican. He ran under a different party! He ran for something else at one time, too. He is a regular, hometown Suitland boy who is a career bartender who I am even friends with on Facebook where he touts comments and pictures that he spends most of his life in a bar.

    Knowles is a fun guy. I’d hang out with him, he’s around my age. But doesn’t mean I would vote for him. Because everyone knows that he isn’t serious. Who can take him seriously? You? I thought you were better than that. Don Quinn is the only primary candidate for District 30 because he is the Republican. And I believe he will beat Astle, I think Senator Astle gave his time, put in his votes, but he has lost touch with his constituency. I have never met Don, but I have looked into him and he has my vote. And as for your worries over residency he obviously qualifies or he would not be put on the ballot. And as to your worries over his designing a website for a client that is not even in the state, and clearly for medical purposes why spend your hard working time on this?

    It comes down to this: What did Astle do for me and my family? What can Knowles do for me? What can Quinn do for me? Senator Astle was in office when I was a little girl, much like the Republican and Liberty Party candidate. I’m sure he did things, but in the last few years with more government restriction, with my children not learning multiplication tables, to my father being put in a ridiculous drop program as a county cop with little knowledge of what he getting into- no, Astle has done nothing for me. What can Knowles due? Plenty! He can be the guy that mixes my pomegranate cosmopolitan and he can be the bartender that hears all my girlfriends gossiping about co-workers and complaining about our husbands. He can be the guy who entertains us with a funny joke, and who we will still tip despite the minimum wage increase.

    What can Quinn do for me? He can stand up against this ridiculous partisan government, he can fight for my kids to learn math instead of struggle with it, he can come up with policy to instill values back into our communities, he can make sure my elderly grandmother gets the funding she needs, and he can write legislation for me, a woman, because he has a platform that I have never heard of from another candidate. And yes, should a family member of mine get sick, or God-forbid my children, or myself get cancer Quinn will listen to me I would guess at the very least since I have called the number he gives out and look at medical marijuana. I’m not a pothead but if someone suffering needs it why avail them of it.

    So, loser in November? I think if you continue to write these types of articles, you’ll fall into that category. Quinn, he has my back, he has my families vote, and he won’t be on that side of the isle. He will be standing in the Senate floor isle in January being sworn in.

    Not to misquote Reagan, or to try and use one of the most famous lines of his presidency from when I was a young seven year old I say to you as someone who likes you but who likes GOP principles better, Mr. Quinton, TAKE DOWN THIS POST!

    • Thanks for the laugh, “Jessica.” Or is it “Larry”? You couldn’t even get my first name right anyway. This is quickly turning into a followup story on astroturf instead of grass.

    • “Jessica” writes “to my father being put in a ridiculous drop program as a county cop with little knowledge of what he getting into- no, Astle has done nothing for me. What can Knowles due?”

      Quinn’s campaign manager, Becky wrote, “As the daughter of a cop, I’d want him on my father’s side, battling between the walls of the Senate Chamber for more funding to be put into police academies so when half drop out, they really over hired and have the numbers they need. I want someone fighting for their pension, not allowing the state to put them in a Drop program with little knowledge and one option to such plans. ” –

      That’s rather pathetic.

    • JesiKKka you obviously do not know Eric Knowles. He has so much more going for him then just his job. Find out who a person is before you sound off on there character. That applies to Don Quinn also. Lots of misinformation from many in this comment thread. When there are big topics for both candidates to THINK about. WHAT is there take on bathroom Bill, the legislative raise 50 k plus for most legislators as of Jan 2015, speed cameras and the ballooning surveillance state of md with drone faa rollout 2015 around the corner. Both sides need to stop the petty infighting before we all lose big time in md. Be it the old dude Astle ‘re election camp run to dispatcher picking up poop in monkey county for 10.10 a he. Md is going down the proverbial tubes. Fast.

  5. I didn’t see the big deal in this story myself. I find it comical how this “no story” turned into a story. The only story I see now is the irony of someone attacking a bartender for being a bartender and then use illiterate, barely intelligible run-on sentences in which to attack. Uh, thanks, but the bartender looks pretty good right now.

  6. I love when people feel the need to write pages of comments arguing against a a non story by someone they think isn’t a legitimate journalist. I wonder if this tendency translates into other areas of one’s life.

    “Hey, there’s a barely smoldering ember over there. Quick! Throw some gasoline on it!”

    “Look, there’s a pile of dog feces I must step in!”

    “That guy is coming at me with a stick. Give him a knife! NO, A GUN! He really needs gun!”

    • Jim,

      I said my piece to Quinton, and I think the rest is history. The article is a misrepresentation at best, and my learned friend knows that “endorsements” come in many forms including timing and tone of an article.

      Happy to point out the inconsistencies but honestly your comment was the funniest thing I have read today and I wanted to thank you for lightening the mood with words that were not only insightful but hilarious as well.

  7. So let me get this straight, Don Quinn wants to destroy the lives of young people for making mistakes by giving them criminal records, while at the same time he accepts money from California weed dealers (where they have defacto legalization) to build a marijuana distribution site? And he is so upset by this being exposed that he and his campaign spend all day responding to a fairly mundane article by attacking journalists and bar tenders. You have a lot to learn about politics there, fellow. And the best part, all of these responses will increase the search visibility of this page.