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UPDATE: Rema Rahman’s story was updated at 6:14 p.m. on 4/17/14. In a move that shows someone at the paper read this post, the spelling of Scott Shaffer’s last name was corrected, but no credit to me for breaking the story was added. I am now waiting to hear back from Rahman’s editor at the newspaper on this matter.

Rema Rahman’s story in The Annapolis Capital today  (her headline: Del. Schuh, County Executive Neuman staffer argue over Facebook post) provides more details on the story I broke earlier this week – Report: Steve Schuh’s temper leads to fireworks at GOP dinner. I already sent Rahman an email complimenting her on the story and pointing out it would have been nicer had she given credit to me for breaking the story. So far, I’ve gotten no response. I would normally give reporters or bloggers a little bit of wiggle room on something like this. However, from what I’ve heard, it is quite obvious that she got the story from me.

Reporters at The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, The Daily Record, WMAR, and other media outlets have all credited me (and given me a link) with stories that I broke in recent months when they covered the same stories. I would think it wouldn’t be too difficult in 2014 for Ms. Rahman and The Capital to do the same for a blogger. Of course, Rahman apparently couldn’t even make sure she correctly spelled Shaffer’s name (see how he spells it himself in the Facebook post below) since her story refers to him as Scott “Schaffer.” I sen

Here’s the Facebook post in question (that I also reported on along with my original post on the confrontation):


Here’s what I wrote about Wednesday night’s events at the Anne Arundel County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in Glen Blurnie

Shaffer was apparently putting up signs for Neuman when Schuh approached him. There were reportedly numerous witnesses to the Schuh tirade that ensued. Witnesses reported that Schuh was “livid” as he “cursed out” Shaffer and yelled at him about the Facebook post above. One source said that Schuh “exploded” at Shaffer and was “bombastic.” Schuh took issue with the Ferrari reference in Shaffer’s post and claimed Shaffer must be jealous of his wealth. Schuh also reportedly argued about the tax references in Shaffer’s post and claimed to not remember the votes Shaffer was referring to.

Schuh also reportedly referred to Shaffer as an “asshole” and a “dickhead.”

Rahman’s story noted that Shaffer’s Facebook comments were related to a letter Bob Ehrlich endorsed Schuh in. Rahman quotes Shaffer, an economist for Anne Arundel County, as saying there were approximately twenty witnesses.

Additionally, Rahman reported on Schuh’s apology to Shaffer.

Schaffer said that about 45 minutes later, Schuh passed him and apologized for losing his temper.

“Scott said some things that I felt were disrespectful,” Schuh said. “I said some things that I think he found objectionable.”

“I regret what I said to him and did apologize,” Schuh said.

Schaffer said the work of his fellow central committee members in putting the event together “should not have been overshadowed by a personal grievance.”

“It was an unfortunate start to an event intended to bring our party together in an election year,” Schaffer said.

I’ve also heard rumors that both campaigns in the county executive’s race had been polling recently.

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  1. You didn’t mention Shaffer worked for Neuman. Got to be careful of thin line between working as an official county government employee and campaigning outright. Not that Steve was right in his response, but as always, more than meets the eye it seems on this story.