Report: Larry Hogan is largest single contributor to Hogan campaign


Bryan Sears of The Daily Record notes that:

Larry Hogan, a Republican, donated $25,000 through seven companies associated with his Annapolis-based Hogan Companies and another $20,473.64 in in-kind donations including food, fuel and office supplies.

Additionally, Hogan personally loaned his campaign $100,000, according to a campaign finance report filed with the Maryland State Board of Elections earlier this week. [emphasis added]

Sears also reports that:

Hogan’s corporate and in-kind donations amount to about 10 percent of his total take since he announced earlier this year. [emphasis added]

The 10% number does not include the $100,000 loan.

Adam Dubitsky of the Hogan campaign responded to Sears’ questions about the contributions and the loan:

“I think it shows that Larry has some skin in the game,” said Adam Dubitsky a Hogan campaign spokesman. “He’s made a significant investment in the campaign.”


“Larry would not feel comfortable asking people to donate their hard-earned money to this effort to change Maryland if he himself hadn’t made a significant personal investment,” Dubitsky said.

Jim Pettit of David Craig’s campaign also commented on Hogan’s fundraising to Sears:

“One can make the argument that Larry really has been in the race longer than anyone else,” said Jim Petitt, a Craig spokesman.

Pettit worked for Hogan’s grassroots organization Change Maryland, which was formed after Hogan briefly considered running for governor (he stepped aside when his former boss Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich decided to run).

“The whole idea of Change Maryland was that it was supposed to morph into a campaign,” Petitt said. “The amount of money raised is less impressive than meets the eye.”

Sears also notes that St. John Properties was the second largest contributor to the campaign with a total of $32,000 in contributions through various companies. He also notes the Hogan campaign returned $12,000 of that to them in rent payments for the campaign’s headquarters.

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Hogan being the largest contributor to his campaign is a huge plus and validates what his campaign is saying. That is, the Hogan Campaign is very different than the Democratic candidates and the old guard Annapolis elite. If Hogan’s largest donor was a Maryland Contractor seeking favors, like those who are funding the Brown Campaign, the media and blogs such as this would be highlighting that angle.