Puzzling endorsement of Steve Schuh by Eric Knowles


Over the weekend, Eric Knowles endorsed Steve Schuh for County Executive in Anne Arundel County. This endorsement was puzzling for a number of reasons.

Why did Knowles make a political endorsement on Easter weekend and actually expect anyone to notice it?

Was this choice of timing intentional or incompetence by Knowles?

Why is a candidate allied with the Campaign for Liberty endorsing a candidate in Steve Schuh who supported the Rain Tax?

Was the endorsement a result of the promise of a favor to Knowles or one that came due after the horrible week Schuh had last week?

It is possible this endorsement was concocted by Steve Schuh after his temper tantrum last week outside the Anne Arundel County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, for which he subsequently apologized. However, I question the judgement of Knowles for getting involved in the middle of what is already becoming a hotly contested primary for County Executive. That race has all appearances of turning into a nasty one and it doesn’t appear that getting involved in it on either side makes much political sense for Knowles.

Whatever the reason,  it makes little sense from any standpoint. 6:52 p.m. the night before Easter is not a good time to send out any message you actually want people to read, let alone a political endorsement. It’s the type of thing like what David Vogt did last summer when his failed congressional campaign kept delaying a “big-time” endorsement announcement until a Saturday morning in the summer.

Eric Knowles should be worried about his own opponent Don Quinn more than who wins the county executive race.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. In my own opinion, one of my most redeeming qualities is my outright honesty… Though this trait oftentimes makes my team cringe because I am always inclined to do what my moral compass tells me is right as opposed to what is politically expedient.

    With that said, my endorsement of Steve has a simple reason – friendship. As I’ve stated in my endorsement, I’ve known Steve for quite some time. I’ve met the County Executive once. By all accounts she seems like a nice person and I have nothing against her whatsoever.

    I’m just the kind of person who will stick by and stick my neck out for a friend, as I would do for you Jeff. I’m just that kind of person.

    As for my timing, well I worked very long hours over Easter weekend and Saturday morning was the only time I had to complete the promised write up. I was proud of it and wanted to get it out.

    Let me go on record and state that I am not a politician. I’m a citizen concerned about the direction of his State and Country and am getting involved to do good for them both. I’m just too transparent and honest to be anything other than that.

    P.S. I would love to see the era of negative politics become a part of our past. In District 30 I believe that Republicans are blessed to have such good choices for both Senate and House. I’m just going to continue to meet more people and establish stronger ties in the district (positive campaigning) and work to have more pick me than my opponent… But I still wish him luck.