This won’t end well – casting underway for Capitol Hill staff reality show


This is a train wreck waiting to happen, and as Mother Jones notes, it likely would face issues getting actual Congressional staff members to participate.

Washington Examiner

Sources tell the Washington Examiner that a “House of Cards” veteran is working to produce a reality show based in the district starring “D.C. up-and-comers,” including Capitol Hill staffers. The show is currently in development, and one source said there’s already been a round of casting.

Mother Jones discusses the actual casting call :

(It’s unclear how many Hill staffers would actually be up for this, since most Senate and House offices probably wouldn’t allow employees to take part in a potentially revealing reality series.)

Mother Jones obtained the casting call, which is dated April 14.


Naked DC has more:

They already have a reality show. It’s called Veep. Apparently, though, that’s not enough, and the demand for politically-oriented drama programming like House of Cards and Scandal has led some television consumers to assume that political jobs are both engaging and sexy, neither of which is actually true, unless you like watching people juggle cell phones while wearing beat-up Tory Burch flats and the same brown shift dress from three days ago that they picked up off the bathroom floor because they haven’t had time to do laundry since the last administration. Also, you can watch them binge drink and “network.”

Fortunately, this is still in the formative stages, so there’s hope that it will fall apart before it ever materializes. Then again, anyone who advocates the mass dismissal of elected leadership and/or the total annihilation of Washington DC by asteroid may want something like this to air, because once it does, America will definitely be rooting for the asteroid.

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  1. LOL. Sweetbreads Studio is a low-end entity. Not their website showcases the reality series “Amish Mafia” on their home page…which they do NOT produce. It’s sorta slid in there as “news”.

    Being a “veteran” member of the “crew” of House of Cards can mean anything from intern and production assistant on up.

    Love the letter. Note how “the hill” misses out on recognizing the stature of that institution by not uppercasing “Hill”.

    Just trying to orient this report…