Vladimir Zhirinovsky tells aides to “violently rape” pregnant reporter


Daily Mail:

A pregnant journalist was recovering in hospital last night after a pro-Kremlin political leader in Russia told two male aides to ‘violently rape’ her.

Nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky launched his extraordinary tirade after reporter Stella Dubovitskaya asked him an innocuous question about sanctions against Ukraine.



In Moscow, Zhirinovsky’s conduct towards the pregnant reporter has been referred to the Russian parliament’s ethics commission and he faces legal action from Miss Dubovitskaya’s employer, news agency Russia Today.


After Miss Dubovitskaya’s question, the founder of the far right Liberal Democratic Party began shouting before manhandling two young male aides towards the pregnant mother-of-one.

He then shouted to them: ‘When I say, you run to her and violently rape her.’

A male journalist told Zhirinovsky: ‘She is pregnant, why are you attacking her?’

Zhirinovsky then pushed two aides towards the journalist, who is six months pregnant, shouting: ‘Go and kiss her. Grab her.’

One physically touched Miss Dubovitskaya, to the shock of the watching press, with several female reporters recoiling.

At this point, another female reporter,  Yulia Chuchalova from news agency Interfax, told Zhirinovsky: ‘This is derogatory, humiliating – what are you doing here?’

Zhirinovsky hit back: ‘What are you doing intervening here, you lesbian? Get out of here.’

He shouted: ‘This is no place for you if you’re pregnant. We need healthy people. Pregnant women should not show up at work. Sit at home and look after your child, got that?’

He then shouted ‘get out of here, you damned lesbians’.

Russia Today plans pursuing legal options against Zhirinovsky, including suing him.

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