Could Heather Mizeur get an upset win in the primary?


Brian Griffiths writes about the possibility:

And all of this makes me wonder if this is Heather Mizeur’s race to lose. Like her and her ideas or not, her and her campaign have stayed above the fray when it comes to the negative campaigning and her focus has solely been on drawing attention to her campaign and drawing attention to her issues. Those issues put her very much in line with the hardcore Democratic base, the voters who are most likely to show up on June 24th. She has been performing ably at the various debates and forums and, by taking the public financing option, she’ll at least be able to raise enough money to do some mass media ads closer to the election, at probably the exact time that Democratic primary voters will have had enough of the Brown and Gansler pissing contest and will be looking at something new.

Some of you are probably thinking it is far-fetched to think of Mizeur as something of a front-runner, but is it? This gubernatorial primary is shaping up a lot like the 2006 Democratic Comptroller primary was. Recall that the race, at the time, was between incumbent Comptroller William Donald Schaefer and Anne Arundel County Executive Janet Owens. And the Schaefer-Owens fight kept getting nastier and nastier as we got closer to the primary. Everybody assumed (wrongly) that one of those two were going to survive the primary. However it was the third candidate, the far-left candidate from Takoma Park, that won with only 36.5% of the vote. And that’s how Peter Franchot became Comptroller.

The similarity between the two elections are very real, and so far it seems like Mizeur’s campaign has been following that playbook.

Griffiths is right about her beliefs being right in the mainstream of the hardcore leftist activists who vote in a primary.

It is not inconceivable that this could happen, but, for right now, it’s not too much of a limb for me to go out on to say I don’t see it happening. It would make things easier for whoever the Republican nominee ended up being.

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