Dan Bongino weighs in on the Bundy Ranch situation


Dan Bongino, candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 6th District, weighed in on the Bundy Ranch situation in an email to his supporters:

Regarding the Bundy family in Nevada:

First, this is not a question of law, but the process by which laws are enforced and the methods used to enforce them. Sadly, many Americans are questioning if the process is fair, equal and apolitical in application?

Many patriotic and previously apolitical Americans are frustrated and are questioning if it is a more accurate expression of fidelity to our Constitution, and the rule of law, by violating the law in support of a larger principle?

When the administration consistently ignores clearly written laws, yet expects you to vigorously follow the letter of the law in an alphabet they no longer use, are we in a society of laws or just laws that apply to you?

I hope some of the DC elites read this because we are a country of genuinely good and law-abiding people who just want to know that their voice is heard and that the process is not rigged. Labeling Americans who speak out, and are frustrated at a process that seems to only apply to them and not the connected few, racists, terrorists and other terrible names, is not leadership or courageous.

Maybe when their voices and their access to the process stops being drowned out by the voices of the cronyists and politically connected we can reach a place where a land-use disagreement such as the situation in Nevada doesn’t escalate as it did.

Other Maryland candidates have discussed this matter as well.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Dan, the law is written and self-defined, and as I asked you the first time you ran for office: “will you curtail the federal government to the enumerated powers it only possesses in Aerticle 1, section 8 of the U.S. Constitution?” which I received no answer to. In fact clause 17 of that section certainly is the prevailing law in the present Bundy ranch matter.