Hough email hits Brinkley for Obamacare website votes


From an email sent by Mike Hough’s campaign earlier today:

According to a Washington Post article on Friday, Maryland spent $90 million on healthcare exchange technology, which included a barely functioning website. Maryland has spent $130 million in taxpayer money on the failed healthcare exchange, with at least another $50 million to come in order to switch to Connecticut’s exchange.

“My opponent Senator David Brinkley voted to fund the failed Obamacare Exchange[1]. Brinkley brags about his empty calls for a special investigation, however the fact is Brinkley voted to implement[2], fund, and bailout[3] Obamacare in Maryland.”

This last session, in addition to opposing Obamacare spending, Delegate Hough introduced legislation to get rid of Maryland’s Obamacare Exchange[4] and stop the implementation of Obamacare[5].

“The contrast is clear, Senator Brinkley voted numerous times to support Obamacare and I voted no and fought against it.”

The footnotes referenced in the message are:

[1] HB 100, 2013 & SB 170, 2014
[2] SB 96, 2014
[3] SB 134, 2014
[4] HB 1229, 2014
[5] HB 169, 2014

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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  1. Sen. David Brinkley’s effective and hard-hitting work on the ObamaCare exchange fiasco, the awful minimum wage bill, the rain tax, and land-use planning regularly get respectful attention across the regional press. If instead you’re planning to cover the Hough-Brinkley race simply by reprinting Hough press releases, I hope you’ll reprint some of David’s, too. Otherwise your readers may find it hard to grasp why his support continues to hold up so well among conservatives in his own district.

  2. Walter, I regularly write about or reprint emails or other communications from various candidates so people can see what is being sent in case they aren’t receiving them. I haven’t subscribed to any lists on my own, these are things candidates and campaigns across the state and across party lines have chosen to send me.