Det Bowers, Lindsey Graham, and Politico


Det Bowers [pictured above] and I knew each other in the late 1990s when we were both Associate Reformed Presbyterians (he’s now a Congregationalist and I’m an Anglican). We’ve not spoken since then — lives taking us in different directions, but after reading the supposedly offensive 90 second segment of the sermon and listening to just under half of the entire 72 minute sermon (I’ll catch the rest tomorrow as the hour is late), I am disappointed at Politico’s taking his remarks out of context. Those who listen to the entire sermon will hear Det both holding forth the grace of God and criticizing places where he has fallen short of God’s glory as well.

I don’t know whom I will support in the primary (I will not support Lindsey Graham, however), but I would encourage any who read this report to listen to the entire sermon, not just one selective snippet.

As a further aside, and in light of this note, I’ll note that my late mother was from just outside of Estill [Bowers is a native of Estill], where her family also had deep roots and where many of my cousins still reside.

Drew Collins

Drew Collins

Drew Collins is a graduate of Georgia Military College, Coastal Carolina, and Erskine Seminary. He is vicar of the Church of the Atonement, a Reformed Episcopal Parish in the Anglican Church in North America, in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The opinions expressed are his own.
Drew Collins