MD Right to Life makes primary endorsements


Maryland Right to Life released some endorsements in primary elections this year. In the Governor’s race, they have yet to make an endorsement. I suspect that their decision will be between David Craig, Ron George, and Charles Lollar. Craig and George have a long pro-life record and Lollar has consistently shown that he understands the issues involved and is pro-life. Larry Hogan could get the endorsement, but I am not sure that he should.

In congressional races they have endorsed Andy Harris, who officially has a primary opponent (who has no chance), and Dan Bongino, who faces a primary opponent with little proof of his existence if you look for him online. MDRTL also endorsed incumbent Senator David Brinkley over Delegate Mike Hough in the primary for Brinkley’s senate seat. Other endorsements in senate races include Gail Bates, Bryan Simonaire, and Ed DeGrange.

In house races, Kathy Afzali, Barrie Ciliberti, and Kelly Schulz were endorsed by MD Right to Life in District 4. That means that Mike Hough’s slate had two candidates endorsed, but not Hough himself or David Vogt. In District 31B, MD RTL endorsed Nic Kipke and Megan Simonaire, but (at least for now) not Don Dwyer. You can also read the rest of the endorsements in house races.

In county races, the campaign of Tony Campbell for Baltimore County Executive and David Marks for Baltimore County Council were endorsed. In Montgomery County, Robert Dyer was endorsed for county council.

I am not sure when the next round of endorsements will be made but there are definitely some names missing from the list that should be on it. I assume they are still making decisions in those races since no other candidates are endorsed yet.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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