Charles Lollar attacks Larry Hogan over taxes


The campaign of Charles Lollar sent the following message out tonight:

Statement from the Lollar-Timmerman Campaign on the Urgent Need for Bold New Leadership in Maryland, not Timid Half Steps and Partisanship 

April 30, 2014 (Annapolis, MD) – Republican candidate Larry Hogan once again showed he was out of touch with Maryland small businesses and Maryland families, by insisting he would take a “more reasonable” approach toward fiscal reform than the plan advanced by his main Republican rival, Charles Lollar.

Hogan argued that the next governor should be “prudent” when it comes to cutting taxes, according to comments quoted in today’s Washington Post.

Charles Lollar responded: “All the Democrat candidates agree with Larry on this, that we should be “timid” in cutting taxes and putting government on a diet. Lt. Governor Anthony Brown has said the state “can’t afford” even a modest reduction in the corporate tax.

“Ken and I believe on the contrary that the time is over for Republicans to advocate tinkering around the edges of our bloated state budget, our confiscatory tax policies, and our corrupt and inefficient state government.

“It is time for bold reforms that go to the core of our problems here in Maryland. That is why Ken and I turned to Dr. Art Laffer, who helped turn around our national economy in the 1980s, to vet our plan to eliminate the state income tax.

“We have looked at the numbers, and we know we can achieve this step by step over the next five years, without putting at risk the services Maryland citizens expect their state government to provide.”

The Lollar-Timmerman plan also calls for the immediate repeal of the “Rain Tax” and the latest increase in the gasoline tax, in addition to eliminating all remaining “death taxes.”

Ken Timmerman added, “When Marylanders have more money in their pockets they will save, invest, and spend. This in turn will set in motion a virtuous economic cycle, stimulating economic growth and state revenues.”

Lollar continued, “Government is overhead on the economy. When you tax income, you reduce economic activity. Our objective is to restore economic vitality to Maryland, so families and small businesses will want to come here, invest, and grow. “
More details on the Lollar-Timmerman plan to eliminate the personal income tax, including detailed tax tables, are available here.

In the past, Lollar said he was amenable to tax increases if there was a “lock box” on where they money was spent.

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