Democrats in District 8 violate campaign regulations


Several candidates for the House of Delegates in the Democratic Primary in District 8, have run afoul of campaign finance regulations. Candidates running include Harry Bhandari, Del. Eric Bromwell, Bill Paulshock, Debbie Schillinger, Renee Smith, Steve Verch, and Kyle A. Williams.

I have previously noted, when writing about some Republican candidates, that not including an authority line on social media pages is an offense that candidates can be fined for by the State Board of Elections.

Harry Bhandari (above) is one of them and originally this post was just going to be about his issues until I started looking at his primary opponents and found many similar problems. If I didn’t mention a social media platform or a website for a particular candidate then that means I could not find one in existence.

Bhandari’s website does make an attempt at an authority line:

© 2014 Copyright | Friends of Harry (H.B.) Bhandari | Chandra Biwokarma, Treasurer

I’ve never seen an authority line on a website or elsewhere for a candidate in Maryland that didn’t use the word “Authority:” in it. Maybe he could replace the “© 2014 Copyright |” and add authority to make things clearer, but the way he has it now should be good enough to satisfy the rules.

However, Bhandari completely leaves out an authority line on his other social media platforms.

Here’s his Twitter profile, without any information at all in the biography section. (Side note: he has one whole follower less than two months from his primary and has made one tweet back in March.)


Bhandari’s one verbose tweet shows he doesn’t seem to get Twitter but then again, only one person follows him so it’s not like anybody saw it.

Here’s Bhandari’s Facebook page, without an authority line:


The About page on his Facebook page doesn’t have it either:


Bromwell has an authority line on his campaign website, but he also has state office contact information – a common error by office holders that I have covered before. The Facebook page address Bromwell gave the State Board of Elections when he filed doesn’t exist. He does have a picture of a campaign sign for the slate he’s a member of on his personal Facebook profile as his cover image, but that’s not technically a campaign page.

Paulshock doesn’t appear to have a website for his campaign. He has a Facebook page and like Bhandari, it has no authority line:


Here’s his about page, which doesn’t have the authority line either:


Debbie Schillinger’s Twitter account (with its 7 followers) does not have the required authority line:


Schillinger’s web address redirects to her campaign Facebook page, which has an authority line.

Renee Smith gave the State Board of Elections the link for her personal Facebook profile and not one for a page, which she doesn’t seem to have.  If this disaster of a website is her actual campaign site, Smith doesn’t have an authority line on her campaign website.

Steve Verch doesn’t appear to have a campaign website or any social media accounts either.

Kyle A. Williams, who has 204 followers on Twitter and has the new Twitter profile, doesn’t have an authority line on his Twitter account:


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