Lollar & Timmerman: GOP “front-runners”


This Lollar campaign email, sent Tuesday, is presented for your perusal with no comment necessary (the subject line referred to Lollar and Timmerman as the “Republican front-runners”):

Ken and I have just come off a landmark victory this weekend at the state Republican party convention, where we won a key straw poll at the conclusion of the Maryland State Republican Party convention in Bethesda.

Until now, the media hasn’t been paying much attention to the Republican primary.

Well, guess what? Now that they realize we can win, they are waking up.

Already on Saturday evening, the Washington Post broadcast the straw poll results, followed quickly by the Baltimore Sun and National Public Radio.

Last night, Ken won support from the Evangelical Association of Hispanic Pastors, a key group of faith leaders in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Our message of values, fiscal sanity, and fundamental tax reform is resonating with a community where small businesses and families are being hard hit by O’Malley-Brown tax increases and their harm-Maryland-first policies.

While Ken was with the pastors, I took part in a long-scheduled forum with the Democrat candidates at Bowie State University. This time, instead of placing the Republican dead last, the organizers had mespeak right after Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, and introduced us as having just won the support of our respective party state conventions.

Until now, I have been the only Republican to show up at these forums, as NBC News pointed out last week. This is because I have long believed that to win in November, we have to start creating relationships and connections early on with like-minded Marylanders who do not share our party affiliation.

At Monday’s forum in Bowie, Democrats came up to me after my presentation and wrote out sizeable checks to our campaign on the spot.

It just goes to show you: Republicans are not alone. Marylanders of all political persuasions are fed up with the corruption, incompetence, and cronyism in Annapolis, and are looking for a new way forward.

Won’t you join this winning campaign? We need your financial support now more than ever to bring that new way forward to Maryland.

Yours in freedom,

Charles Lollar

PS: Remember: Ken and I are the only Republicans who can win this November against Anthony Brown, but to do so we need your support now so we can win the primary on June 24. Please give generously through our secure online webpage or send a check to the address below.

PPS: And here is a special treat, in case you missed it: the next (and most lovely) first ladies of Maryland,together in Bethesda last Friday.

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Jeff Quinton

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