Anti-Huff website connected to financial supporters of Dem opponent


This would be a fine looking website for a novice web designer in 1998 that hosted it on Geocities. The site, features garish graphics, scrolling marquees and generally looks dated on the front page. There’s no excuse for that with all of the easy to use content management systems and other web design tools that are available now.

The site’s about page says that:

Those who created this site play no formal role in the campaigns of those opposing Todd Huff – Wade Kach in the Republican Primary and Laurie Taylor-Mitchell, the unopposed Democratic candidate, who is running in the general election, nor do they endorse any candidate. The site is only to make Todd Huff’s record a matter of public discussion so that the electorate can make an informed choice.

However, if you go to the bottom of that about page you will see that Mike Pierce and Irving Spitzberg have put their signatures at the bottom of it.


Spitzberg and Pierce are both shown on the photo gallery on the website of Laurie Taylor-Mitchell as co-hosts of an event for her that was held on October 30, 2013.


The full-sized version of the above image is at the bottom of this post.

Through the end of 2013, Michael A. Pierce of Kingsville has given $767.74 to the campaign of Laurie Taylor-Mitchell. Of that amount, $317.74 was in-kind contributions on October 30 (note the date on the above picture.) He also gave $100 to Huff’s Republican primary opponent, Wade Kach.

The site complains about the “lack of journalistic coverage” of Huff’s criminal record and other policy issues. A simple Google search will prove that claim to be false, especially regarding the DUI arrest. In addition to coverage by all the television stations and newspapers, I seem to remember Bryan Sears, who was then with Patch, doing a lot of work on covering the Huff DUI story – including filing the public information request that led to the release of the audio of Huff’s call to the county police chief. Much of the material on the site that links to news media stories and blogs seems to contradict the complaints about lack of coverage.

One of their criticisms of Huff:

He is a registered Republican, but votes with the administration like a loyal Democrat.

While Michael Pierce gave money to Republican Ken Holt in 2010, his comrade Irving Spitzberg (of Monkton) gave a campaign contribution to Kevin Kamenetz that same year. Both Spitzberg and Pierce gave money to the campaign of Republican Bryan McIntire in 2006. The rest of Pierce’s contributions have been to Democrats Vicki Almond and Ruth Baisden,

Yet, they are organizing fundraisers for a Democrat running. The site has some good material that has merit for discussion but some of the cheesy graphics (like the one on the qualifications page) coupled with lines like the one about party registration tends to make the page look like it was put together by a crank or cranks. I’m not saying anyone behind it is a crank, but that is the impression the page gives based on the design and some of the other things I’ve discussed.

Wade Kach has had his own ethical problems recently that I have discussed. I really haven’t followed the race that closely but I think the primary will boil down to whether Huff is able to overcome his own personal problems and whether he can successfully paint Kach as a creature of Annapolis with a long track record of votes that can be picked through for things to criticize him on.


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