Blogger withdraws endorsement of Larry Hogan


 Jackie Wellfonder writes:

Unfortunately, as campaigning progressed, I started to become increasingly ambivalent. Now let me be clear, I have no interest in negative campaigning, or to bash Larry in any way, shape or form. I simply want to be forthright in explaining why I have changed my mind about someone I once so vigorously supported. Frankly, I feel that my friend and colleague Jeff Quinton nailed it in his “Premature Affirmation” piece. Jeff, I admit, you were right.

While I never used the word “endorsement” in my original piece, primarily because I don’t really think I’m worthy to offer an endorsement, I explicitly expressed my support for Larry Hogan and my belief that he was the best candidate in the pool. But as I mentioned above, as campaigning progressed, I had a better opportunity to see the Hogan campaign operate and I became concerned.

Wellfonder also goes on to quote Todd Eberly. Eberly said:

Several months ago, as I was arguing that David Craig represented the GOP’s best chance at reclaiming the governor’s mansion, many Republican activists challenged my assertion. Both privately and via social media these activists suggested a much stronger candidate existed and would soon enter the race and energize the party. They were referring to Larry Hogan.

Well, Hogan’s in the race and he is the “frontrunner.” But in a race where 64% of potential primary voters have no preference, there are no frontrunners. Hogan has not lit the fire that many were expecting.

She then goes on to say why she supports David Craig now:

David is not only a man of faith with deep commitment to his family, he is a man of substance. He clearly articulates his vision for this state, and more importantly, clearly defines how he will accomplish his objectives. He also recognizes that like my friends in Allegeny County, here on the Eastern Shore, we often feel like the “Forgotten Marylanders.” David’s running mate Jeannie Haddaway is not only a resident of the Eastern Shore, she has an appreciation for our culture and a commitment to preserving it. That has great value to me. I realize it not might to others, but it does to me.

The bottom line for me is, David’s ability to balance being present in our state as well as being the second most competitive candidate in the fundraising arena is what I believe to be a winning combination. While I still feel that reaching soft Dems and Independents will be crucial to our success in November, I value David’s willingness to paint in bold colors instead of pale pastels. We don’t need to elect another Democrat in November, we need to work to show the citizens of Maryland why they would be best served with a Republican Governor at the helm.

I didn’t agree with Jackie , or Red Maryland, about their way too early endorsements of Hogan before he was even technically a candidate, but if any endorsement were to be made at this point I can’t fault anyone for that. I personally still remain unconvinced that any of the field can win against the Democratic nominee in November. I think it’s more important for Republicans to focus on the legislative races in the fall.

I am personally still undecided in the primary. Every candidate has the possibility, even though in may be remote in one or two cases, of earning my vote (I won’t be endorsing.)

I noted previously, with the assistance of quotes from Michael Swartz, that the Hogan campaign was having trouble closing the deal for some Republicans and the Eberly comments along with Jackie’s post last night all are in the same vein. Honestly, the Hogan campaign appears to have done this to themselves with their own arrogance.

Even if I didn’t agree with Jackie when she endorsed Hogan early before and I don’t agree with her now on her new chosen candidate, I’m not going to trash her for it. She was defamed, trashed, and otherwise treated horribly for her support of Hogan by some supporters of another candidate in the past. If anyone were to trash her now because she no longer supports Hogan, that’d be a shame and would lower whoever did it to the same level as the people who trashed her for supporting Hogan.

The primary is just under two months away and polling shows a large number of people undecided. I wonder if all those undecideds will simply stay home and sit the primary out. Either way, things are going to pick up on the campaign trail as the candidates try to swing votes their way.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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