Baltimore Sun late to the party on 47% story


The Baltimore Insider blog at features a story today on 47% of Marylanders saying they would leave the state if they could. This story, based on a Gallup poll, first appeared on Gallup’s website on April 30. That same day, I blogged about it here.

Mark Newgent talked about it the next day on May 1 at both Watchdog Wire and Red Maryland. Campaigns, including the Larry Hogan campaign, wrote about it in emails and on social media. It even came up in today’s Reddit AMA featuring Governor Martin O’Malley, when someone asked a question and linked to my original post on the AMA. That was a question that Ed Ericson of the City Paper noted went unanswered.

Julie Scharper of the Sun, in writing about the original poll and linking to the Gallup website today, noted that news site Vox (the new project of liberal blogger Ezra Klein) “suggests that few will actually move.”

However, there is evidence that people have already been leaving Maryland and the trend will probably continue. If you read what Newgent wrote on May 1 you will note that:

This opinion polling data tracks with actual migration state migration data.  According to the latest Rich States, Poor States report Maryland ranked 42nd in domestic migration with 123,674 residents leaving Maryland between 2003-2012.
According to the Tax Foundation, Maryland ranks 43rd in the nation personal income migration losing $5.5 billion in personal income between 2000-2010.

The poll was out there on April 30 on the Gallup website. I’m not trying to make any comment about lack of attribution regarding my original post. The point I’m making is one of timeliness, or the lack thereof, by the Sun.

Had Red Maryland not been canned by the Sun we would have probably seen this news on the Sun’s website four days earlier. As I said back then, many of the Republicans who did a touchdown dance when the Sun canned them will probably being complaining about the Sun’s coverage of the campaigns as the election year progresses.

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