Prankster invades O’Malley’s reddit AMA

Martin O’Malley’s reddit AMA this morning had a prankster invade it and post responses that appeared to be coming from the Governor.

The first response from the prankster, on a question about gun laws, made it appear that O’Malley said:

Basically, Guns kill people. It’s important to know this. Also, there’s a lotta blacks in Maryland. Would you want them to have hidden guns?

On another comment, about alcohol laws, the prankster made it appear O’Malley was saying this:

As an Irishman, you know I want those blue laws repealed. As a Catholic, I have to believe Jesus wouldn’t want us drinking on Sundays.

I’m drunk on a Monday though, so there’s that!

Of course, part of that response may actually be true, based on previous reporting here.

Another response:

I have a B.S. In B.S.!

A response about the proposed pilot program for GPS trackers on fishing vessels:

Fishing isn’t really that big of an industry here. So if fishermen don’t want to be tracked, they should find another job, perhaps at one of our new casinos!

And a response about gas prices and taxes:

I wouldn’t know. I don’t pay for my gas! YOU DO! HA!

Screenshots below:


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