Martin O’Malley’s Manic Monday

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley takes a picture with his smartphone camera in Baltimore

Maryland’s governor had a very bad start to the week yesterday.

Martin O’Malley participated in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit in the morning and things didn’t go well. As I noted yesterday morning, O’Malley was asked a question about my post on 47% of Maryland residents wanting to leave the state.

There was a prankster involved in the AMA pretending to be O’Malley, with some people falling for it. The prankster made insensitive comments in response to questions.

One of the questions O’Malley did actually answer was one where he claimed “more people are moving to Maryland” than away from it. I fact-checked that claim along with an assist from some data Mark Newgent blogged last week.

Ed Ericson of the City Paper did a good roundup of what O’Malley answered, didn’t answer, and some of the other highlights of the AMA.

Other sites mocking O’Malley included, Mediaite, Twitchy, and Front Line State.’s report included this summary:

O’Malley, a term-limited governor who is thinking about running for president, broke away from the online session for a 10:30 a.m. ceremony Monday to sign legislation to raise Maryland’s minimum wage and other bills. That prompted critics to pelt the Democratic governor for not answering enough questions. He also was criticized for the quality of the answers he provided. But O’Malley later returned to answer more questions after 1 p.m., and he came back for a third round later in the afternoon. By the end of the day, he responded to about 40 questions.

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