Fact-checking the “Fact” Checker on Don Quinn


5/12/14 Clarification: The fact checker story in the Capital Gazette actually agreed with my facts being correct generally. 2 out of 5 domes is on the good end of the scale, with 5 of 5 being the worst.

I noted the details of Don Quinn’s marketing firm’s involvement in a website called FindLocalPot.com back on April 17. I stand by that reporting. Since my last report, changes have been made to the site to emphasize the medical marjuana aspect of things. These changes were made the same day of my previous report. Another change was made to the site to hide Indelible Ink’s role in the site.


Most notably, the copyright notice of Indelible Ink (above, from a screen capture in April) has been removed from the site. It was there April 17 and isn’t now. The fact that it is no longer there helps with Quinn’s spin in the Capital Gazette’s fact checker piece on the issue from Sunday. Jack Lambert may not have even seen the site when it had the copyright notice identifying it as property of Indelible Ink.

Of course, in today’s “fact checker”, Quinn claims to have been on a leave of absence from the firm since January. That is not something Quinn claimed in April when he posted an error-filled comment (see below) on my site and spun his delusional fantasy that I am supporting his opponent in the race. Quinn claimed then that he was doing it on behalf of a client and lectured me as if I were a child. The things that Quinn did or didn’t say in that April comment are in marked contrast to what he said in the article yesterday.

Additionally, almost immediately after Quinn’s comment on my previous report, my site was flooded with comments supposedly from multiple people. However, these comments were all coming from the same IP address. The astroturfing attempt by the Quinn campaign stopped almost immediately when that fact was pointed out.

One other thing from the Fact Checker article Sunday (emphasis added):

“For the record, I don’t own a pot house,” Quinn said.

Quinn said he took a leave of absence from Indelible Ink in January to focus on his campaign. That month, the Office of the Secretary of State in Wyoming dissolved Indelible Ink due to a failure to pay taxes. The company was issued a delinquency notice in November, according to state records.

I don’t live in District 30 and I don’t really care who wins the primary, as proven by a piece I wrote on Eric Knowles and the timing of his endorsement of Steve Schuh and the ensuing reaction by the Knowles campaign. I have noticed a pattern of sketchiness as it relates to Mr. Quinn. The Capital Gazette made note of similar sketchiness even in their supposed fact check of my previous report – which as I noted – came almost a month later after the site was scrubbed of a copyright notice for Quinn’s business.

As the saying goes, a hit dog hollers. Quinn’s sensitivity on the issue and his overreaction, including apparently sending a campaign goon to astroturf my comments, both show that I need to keep digging.

I do find it somewhat amusing that Jack Lambert “fact checks” my piece in the Capital Gazette after another reporter there apparently ripped off another story from me.

Quinn’s full comment from April 17 is below:

I find the continued hatchet job attempts extremely amusing. I own a marketing company which works for all kinds of clients – including one who wants to promote a directory for medical marijuana. It’s called capitalism, something this country was founded on.

And for the record your candidate of choice Eric Knowles sat in a room interviewing with the Capital Gazette yesterday and stated that he supports the legalisation of marijuana – I’m sure the Capital will be happy to provide you with transcripts. Something YOU would never print 😉 !

Listen, I get that hatchet jobs are your specialty and that you want Eric to be the only candidate. I also get that you will never talk about the fact that Eric still has a Baltimore address listed for his race against Sarbaines or that Eric ran against the Republican ticket in 2010. Eric is your candidate – and that is also your choice. But at least do your readers the courtesy of stating that as a disclaimer. This veneer of pretending to be a legitimate blogger / journalist is disingenuous, much like your “reporting” which never seeks to talk to the person you are trying to do a “story” on.

IF you were a legitimate journalist you would have asked about the address, the tabs, and now this website (which is a tester and hence not complete or schedule to be live any time soon).

People like you are why Republicans don’t win races in Maryland, you are too busy cherry picking loosing candidates to care what is actually good for the party or the State.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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