Harvard club claims to move satanic black mass off campus


UPDATE from MyFoxBoston.com:

After being unable to find an off-campus location that would host the club’s black mass, the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club announced it would no longer be sponsoring the event, but the New York-based Satanic Temple planned to stage their own black mass at an “undisclosed private location.”

The Harvard Crimson reports that the Harvard Extension Club is moving the satanic “black mass” ritual it was scheduled to hold on campus tonight at 9 p.m. to a nightclub that is off-campus. However, the manager of the Middle East nightclub on Central Square in Cambridge said that negotiations fell through and his venue won’t be hosting the event.

The President of Harvard, who called the event “abhorrent” while not stopping it, is planning to attend a Eucharistic prayer hour that the Archdiocese of Boston is holding nearby at the same time. The Harvard Chaplains also condemned the event.

The Archdiocese of Boston responded to the latest news:

In response to the event’s relocation, Terrence Donilon, secretary of communications for the Archdiocese of Boston, said that the Catholic Church still condemns any re-enactment of the Satanic ritual, regardless of setting.

“Whether they have it at Harvard or at some other location, this is repugnant. No other community would stand up for this,” he said. “We recognize that we’re a country that allows free speech, but we’re also a country that shares in the common good. There’s nothing good that comes out of desecrating the central element of the Catholic Church, which is the Eucharist.”

Here’s what Harvard Extension Club says now:

While it is unfortunate that many people took personal offense at rituals for which they have little or no understanding of their context, what we find most disturbing have been the demands that the rituals and beliefs of marginalized members of society be silenced,” the Club wrote in the emailed statement. “It is gravely upsetting to us that some people feel vindicated on the basis that they have disingenuously mischaracterized our invited guests as being part of a hate group.”

The Extension School club wrote in the first email that it hopes the event “draws attention to the bullying techniques of dominant powers and how they intimidate to silence voices they do not agree with or understand.

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