Michael Graham lands new job on Atlanta radio station


DCRTV is where I first learned this news:

Righty rager Michael Graham (right), who got fired from DC news talker WMAL in 2005, lands a job at Cumulus’s co-owned Atlanta news talker WYAY, doing the late morning slot. Randall Bloomquist, who was Graham’s boss back then at WMAL, is now based in Atlanta and runs Cumulus’s news talk division, which oversees both WYAY and WMAL. Besides DC, Graham has also worked in Boston, Charlotte, and Richmond. He got fired from WMAL following a dispute with the DC-based Council On American-Islamic Relations over comments he made about Muslims. 

Graham also wore a INS t-shirt to a CASA de Maryland rally and was told to leave or where it inside out when he was working at WMAL. He had been working in Boston and Worcester (a show on 5 stations in New England) recently. I first met him when he had just started his show at WBT in Charlotte.  I was working at The Andy Thomas Show as a political reporter at the time and I had started Palmetto Journal a few months earlier.


The station – originally all news – is going through a transformation. Last fall, Kim “The Kimmer” Peterson joined the noon to 3 p.m. shift to do a talk show. Then Cumulus announced the Braves would join the station, taking a major slice of airtime during the baseball season.

On Monday, May 12, All News is adding a second talk show – Michael Graham from 9 a.m. to noon. Bloomquist said there would be no immediate changes to news staffing beyond Perry’s departure.

Bloomquist declined to say anything to me about Graham beyond what was in the original press release. (“Michael Graham is a next-generation talk radio talent—smart, opinionated and very funny. His show will be an entertaining and inclusive conversation about the things that are truly important and interesting to his Atlanta area audience.”)

Graham graduated from Oral Roberts University after growing up in the small town of Pelion, South Carolina. He was a standup comedian and, as a political consultant, worked for Pat Buchanan in the 1992 SC Primary. He also worked for Harold Worley in the Republican primary in 1996 against Strom Thurmond.

When Graham worked for the SC Secretary of State, he also hosted a weekend radio show on SC Public Radio. After comments he made on his radio show angered members of the state legislature, they wrote his job in the Secretary of State’s office out of the state budget. This resulted in his first book – Banned from Public Radio.

Graham also wrote a laugh-out-loud funny weekly column that appeared in the Charleston City Paper and in Free Times. His second book, Clinton & Me, featured a picture of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky on the cover. At a book signing, he inscribed my copy to “South Carolina’s Matt Drudge.” He wrote another book called Redneck Nation after that and has written ebooks as well.

I’ve been on his show before, in both Charleston and Charlotte if I remember correctly. Having both Michael Graham and The Kimmer on the same station will certainly cause me to listen to WYAY online.

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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