WV GOP fears Mooney win would make November tougher


Roll Call reported today on the GOP primary in WV-02 tomorrow. They noted that eight candidates are running and the there is only one Democrat running (and fundraising.)

The report notes that Charlotte Lane is the GOP establishment favorite, but her fundraising has lagged behind Ken Reed, a “self-funding pharmacist”, and Alex Mooney, former MD GOP Chairman. Both Lane and Reed have either implied or stated that Mooney is a carpetbagger while Mooney claims the area he moved from in Maryland has the same values as the district he lives in now.

Reed made subtle digs in a TV ad that mentions he was born and raised in West Virginia. A radio ad by Lane was a bit more direct. The ad makes fun of Mooney’s recent move to Maryland while working in a dig at MD Senate votes by Mooney that the ad claims were votes against coal:

From the Roll Call article:

In the final days of the campaign, few watching the race on either side will say with confidence who they believe will win on Tuesday. Less than two weeks ago, most bets were on Lane; nearly every West Virginia Republican interviewed for this story said she was the candidate best able to win the general.

But Mooney is running an organized campaign with help from outside groups, and the recurring sentiment is that Mooney has the “momentum.” This makes some state Republicans privately skittish.

The fear is that Mooney’s recent move to the state and his push of the GOP field to the right will make it harder for the party to hold the seat in the fall. And most Democrats watching the race that spoke with CQ Roll Call said they would prefer to face Mooney. Casey’s camp remained mum on its preferred rival.

A National Journal blurb last week also called Mooney the front runner based on the support of outside groups and PACs. It will be interesting to see how many of Mooney’s Maryland donors, supporters, or proteges show up tomorrow night for his victory party. The candidate who gets a plurality of the votes will be the nominee since West Virginia doesn’t have runoffs.

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