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On Monday, May 12, the campaign of Jon Cardin sent an email out with the subject line of “More than a name.” Of course, that email which was trying to prove that Cardin wasn’t running just on his last name, proceeded to name drop all of his other more prominent family members.

The email mentions a profile of Cardin in The Daily Record, but the link actually goes to Cardin’s website, where the whole article is included on his website with no other commentary. No credit is given to The Daily Record on the version of the article on Cardin’s site. No credit is given to Maximilian Franz of The Daily Record, whose photograph they took for their website as well.

As multiple people familiar with media law have noted to me, this is well beyond the limits of fair use. There is one link to the actual TDR piece that’s virtually hidden in the author’s name. Of course, the Cardin campaign got the author’s name wrong as well. They list him as Steve Nash (like the NBA player), while his actual name is Steve Lash.

Campaigns in the past have gotten strongly worded remonstrations from media outlets for using footage or articles as campaign advertisements and thereby hurting their credibility. The fact that they posted the whole article on their site is bad enough, but not even paying enough attention to detail to get the reporter’s name right is adding insult to injury.

Here’s a screen capture of what the page looks like on the Cardin website in case it changes as a result of me writing this:


The Cardin email referenced is below:

Dear Friends,

I wanted to make sure you saw my profile in the Daily Record this morning. Click here to read it.

Countless times this year, my critics have complained that the only reason I’m going to win this race is because of my last name.

Let me tell you a secret: they’re right. But not for the reason they think.

The value of my last name isn’t just about statewide name recognition or a famous uncle. Rather, it is about what it means to be a Cardin, and in the values with which I was raised: defending our most vulnerable, making Maryland a national leader in protecting children and standing against corruption, abuse, and violence.

These values come from my father, Howard, who argued in the Supreme Court against the dangers of government surveillance three decades before WikiLeaks.

They come from my aunt, Shoshana, an international leader on human rights and equality. Her work to revise rape legislation convened the first state conference addressing the problems of battered women, which led to the opening of the House of Ruth, a safe haven for victims of domestic violence that has saved countless lives.

They come from my brother, a doctor who has dedicated his life to improving the health of children; my mother, who taught me the value of hard work; my sister whose commitment to education of our young people is second to none; my cousins — Deborah, Sandy, Nina, and Michael who dedicate(d) their lives to helping those who are less fortunate or who are in need new direction.

And, of course, they come from my Uncle Ben, who has fought an increasingly hostile Congress for decades for better healthcare, environmental protection, and human rights on the international stage.

These are the values that have guided me through my law career and three legislative terms, values that have driven me to protect children from the new threats facing our families. Some of our solutions to those threats include passing the toughest anti cumber bullying law in the nation, criminalizing cyber sexual harassment, and drove me to lead the fight against those who are misusing psychotherapy in a cruel, futile attempt to “convert” LGBT teenagers. If you believe these are the kind of values you’d like to see in your elected officials, I ask for your support.

Thank you.


Jon S. Cardin

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  1. Seems like an honest mistake given he mentions the source of the article in the email. You know an intern posted it anyway. This feels a bit like a witch hunt on a slow news day Jeff!