GOP calls on O’Malley appointee to resign over campaign sign theft charges

(Photo Credit: Maryland Reporter)

Today, Baltimore County Republican Central Committee Chairman John Fiastro, Jr. called on J. Ronald DeJuliis to resign as Maryland Commissioner of Labor and Industry after DeJuliis and two other men with union connections were charged with theft of campaign signs belonging to Senator James Brochin, who is being opposed by Connie DeJuliis in the June Democratic primary.

Fiastro said that if DeJuliis “feels it’s alright to break the law to advance the political career of a family member, he shows a total lack of judgement.  Such a criminal act disqualifies him from serving the citizens of Maryland as Labor Commissioner. He should resign.  He is not fit to serve.”

More from Fiastro:

There is nothing more abhorrent than the malicious destruction of campaign materials.  Not only is such vandalism against the law, but that it was done by a gubernatorial appointee is as unseemly as it gets.

Among other things, the County GOP was critical of Connie DJuliis for downplaying the incident involving her husband and two of his union buddies. County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, who has endorsed DeJuliis, also tried to minimize the incident.

County GOP Central Committee member Kathi Smero responded to the remarks by Connie DeJuliis and Kevin Kamenetz:

The destruction of property especially is hardly silly or a misunderstanding.

Fiastro also commented on the photos of the sign theft and issued a warning for Democrats going into November:

 Here we have Democrats attacking Democrats.  But if after the primary, Democrat candidates and their supporters try similar antics against our Republican candidates, the county party will seek to press charges to the fullest extent of the law.


Bryan Sears of The Daily Record has more.

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