Craig campaign buries endorsements on Friday afternoon


The campaign of David Craig and Jeannie Haddaway sent out an email announcing the endorsements of Helen Delich Bentley, Roger B. Hayden, and Ellen Sauerbrey on a Friday afternoon. While there are differing ideas of when to best send out emails, Friday afternoon is generally not a great one.

The email said the announcements were made Wednesday at the opening of the campaign’s Baltimore County headquarters. Neither of the two main endorsements was really that much of a surprise and I’ve heard that Bentley (and maybe Sauerbrey) mentioned it at a March event for Baltimore County Councilman Todd Huff.

It makes little sense that the campaign waited from Wednesday until Friday to send this. Friday is when you bury your bad news traditionally in campaigns, government, or in the business world.



Maryland Republican gubernatorial candidate and current Harford County Executive, David R. Craig, announced endorsements of his candidacy by former Ambassador Ellen Sauerbrey, former Maryland Congresswoman Helen Delich Bentley and former Baltimore County Executive, Roger B. Hayden.

The announcement came on Wednesday at the official grand opening of Craig’s Baltimore County campaign office in White Marsh.

“Delegate Jeannie Haddaway and I are honored to have the endorsement of these conservative leaders. They have been mentors to us. We appreciate their trust and support,” Craig said.

Sauerbrey, a multi-term state delegate and a former Republican nominee for Governor expressed her full support and endorsement for the Craig-Haddaway ticket.

“I served with David in the House of Delegates,” Sauerbrey said. “He was a tireless fighter for conservative values, lower taxes, and smaller government then, just as he is now. After nearly nine years as county executive in Harford County and all the success he has had there, I can’t think of anyone else more qualified to lead our state.”

Bentley, who served five terms in Congress, ran against Sauerbrey for Maryland’s Republican gubernatorial nomination in 1994, pointed to Craig and Haddaway’s combined years of experience and leadership.

“County Executive David Craig and Delegate Jeannie Haddaway have the right blend of executive and legislative experience to lead Maryland,” Bentley said. “David is the only candidate that has cut taxes and reduced the size of government. His fiscal discipline and management of county resources were rewarded with a Triple A bond rating. He is the only candidate with the experience to bring economic prosperity to Maryland.”

Craig has made it clear that as governor, he would overhaul state spending and eliminate the many unnecessary taxes initiated over the past eight years.

His unprecedented plan to reduce and eventually eliminate Maryland’s personal income tax along with cutting waste in government spending have been centerpieces of his campaign.”Our state has gotten off track and too many

Marylanders are being forgotten and left behind,” Craig said. “Being endorsed by these distinguished leaders tells me that we have the vision and plan that will bring Maryland back to greatness.”

Jeff Quinton

Jeff Quinton

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