Blogger’s wife says McDaniel told him to take down Cochran video


The Hattiesburg American reports on the latest in the ongoing situation involving Clayton Kelly, a blogger who supports Chris McDaniel and was arrested and charged with videotaping Thad Cochran’s wife in her nursing home room. Tara Kelly, Clayton Kelly’s wife, and Kevin Camp, his attorney, both talked to the newspaper.

Details from the story:

“They gave him information as to where Rose Cochran was staying, as well as other information pointing to the infidelity,” Tara Kelly said. “… I wish I could tell you the names of these people on the Internet that gave my husband this information. But I don’t know and can only hope it comes out who they are.”


Both Tara Kelly and Camp said the point of the blog was to add emphasis to allegations that Cochran was having an affair by showing photos of his wife in the facility she has lived in for more than a decade.
“He was trying to drive home a point,” Camp said. “I think he just went about it the wrong way.”

His wife said she urged Kelly not to take photos of Rose Cochran, but that he was so eager to break the story that he did anyway.

“Now, here’s where it gets tricky,” Tara Kelly said. “The video was up for about an hour and a half when Clayton received word, either through Facebook or the phone, I’m not sure, that ‘the big man,’ meaning Chris McDaniel, wanted it taken down. The exact words, I remember Clayton told me, were ‘the big man himself says take it down.’ Clayton was already going to take it down, but did so at that time.”

This keeps looking worse for the McDaniel campaign.

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