Charles Lollar earns a D+ from the NRA


The National Rife Association rated candidates for governor and Charles Lollar received a grade of D+. That means the NRA did receive his questionnaire and evaluated it. Other candidate grades included an A grade for both David Craig and Ron George with Larry Hogan getting an A-. All the Democrats got a grade of F. There was no NRA endorsement in the GOP primary for governor.

Here’s the rating:


Here’s an excerpt from Lollar’s release that claimed the NRA didn’t receive his questionnaire:

We were disappointed that the National Rifle Association did not receive our answers to their candidate questionnaire, which we submitted months ago, and today gave us a default failing grade in their ratings for the upcoming June 24 gubernatorial primary.

Here’s what the NRA says a D grade means (in other words, they got his questionnaire):

An anti-gun candidate who usually supports restrictive gun control legislation and opposes pro-gun reforms. Regardless of public statements, can usually be counted on to vote wrong on key issues.

Had the NRA not received Lollar’s questionnaire, they would have given him a “?” rating.

Here’s the full grading system:


I also have heard gun owners call into question part of the issues page dealing with gun rights on the Lollar website. Specifically, one gun owner, who is also an activist, noted that this section of the campaign page is problematic:

I will charge the Maryland State Police with maintenance of a temporary repository of firearms-related records for review purposes only with set guidelines for purging such information after background checks have been performed. The identity of legal gun owners as well as those ineligible to possess a firearm in Maryland should be maintained in the strictest of confidence.

I’ve also been told by a Lollar campaign source in the past that campaign staffers last year were warned not to bring up Stand Your Ground laws or the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman situation around Lollar because of the answer he might give.

Lollar probably needed to bone up on the issues some more or be more careful when he, or a staffer, filled out the NRA questionnaire. To claim the NRA didn’t receive the questionnaire is misleading at best.

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Jeff Quinton

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  1. I think the Lollar campaign will regret their decision to attack the NRA over this. They keep every questionnaire for decades.

    NRA doesn’t give someone a bad rating for failure to return a questionnaire. They would give the candidate a “?”. The “D” rating suggests that Lollar answered their questionnaire incorrectly.


    on their own website there are links to both of their 2012 NRA scores …so what has changed …or is it possible they are telling the truth that their surveys have not been received …or this is just a hit piece

    you decide …remember the golden rule of politics ….especially with such stupid voters already in Maryland …if your explaining …your losing …hmmmm