South Carolina ranked #1 state for college football

Here’s what Brian Pederson of Bleacher Report says about college football in the Palmetto State:

When searching for the best college football, from top to bottom, look no further than the Palmetto State. Though South Carolina and Clemson are the only FBS programs in the state, they’re regularly among the top teams in the country.

Both 11-2 a year ago (which includes Clemson’s loss to South Carolina), both are on three-year streaks of 10 or more wins. Each won its bowl game in 2013, with Clemson taking the Orange Bowl over Ohio State and South Carolina downing Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl.

And their losses aren’t too shabby, either. Clemson’s other loss was to Florida State, while South Carolina fell on the road to Georgia and Tennessee…but also was the only squad to beat Central Florida and one of two to top Missouri.

While there are better individual teams out there, and some states have more good ones, there’s one thing South Carolina has on all of them, or rather, doesn’t have: no scrubs.

The full Top 10 (of 41 states since not every state has a FBS program):

  1. South Carolina
  2. Alabama
  3. California
  4. Texas
  5. Florida
  6. Missouri
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Louisiana
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Oregon

Other notable rankings (at least to me): North Carolina ranks 19th, Maryland 20th, Pennsylvania 21st, and Georgia 22nd.

More on the rankings:

There are 128 schools that play at the Football Bowl Subdivision level, and while top-25 polls and bowl results can tell us about how individual schools rank against each other, those don’t take into account a state’s full body of work. That’s where we come in.

Using their FBS programs’ 2013 performance as a barometer, we’ve taken the initiative to rank the states based on the state of their football prowess. Where does your commonwealth or territory stand?

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