Starbucks manager reportedly told employees to throw away military hats from display


WIS reports on something quite disturbing that reportedly took place at a Starbucks in Columbia, South Carolina:

Dan Ramsey noticed something was different about the Starbucks in Trenholm Plaza in Forest Acres. Military hats that used to hang on a wall in the store, were no longer there.

“One in particular is someone I know, and that person is no longer with us,” said Ramsey, a medically retired Marine.

According to a spokeswoman for Starbucks, the hats were taken down during renovation and intended to be put back up.

Two former employees, Stephanie Campbell and Andrew Moseley, said that they originally understood that the hats would be put back up too.

However, they soon found out otherwise:

Until, they say, the general manager asked employees to get rid of the hats.

“They told us to throw them away,” said Moseley. “I just took them with me. I wasn’t going to let somebody else throw them away.”

Campbell and Moseley gave the hats to Ramsey earlier this week, but Starbucks wants them back now:

The spokeswoman says the company recognizes “how meaningful the hats are to customers” and would like them to be put back on the wall.

According to the spokeswoman, they are working internally to determine what may have happened at the Starbucks branch in Trenholm Plaza.

This Starbucks location is just over a mile or so from Gate 2 at Fort Jackson, which is the most heavily trafficked entrance to the Army post. It’s already on Starbucks’ radar screen now and they are scrambling to try to fix the situation. However, if you feel the need, you can email them.

Kudos to Stephanie Campbell and Andrew Moseley for saving the hats from being thrown away.

Jeff Quinton

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